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Great site gentlemen!!! I think I learn something here just about everyday with regards to electrical issues. Since I’m always wanting to learn more, I have a request for a recommendation on additional reference material.

I’m trying to get a better handle on the NEC, and ran across this book.

**Illustrated Guide to the NEC : Based On The 2005 National Electric Code by Charles Miller
Anybody familiar with this book, and would this be something suitable for someone wanting a better understanding of the NEC? If you have any “must haves” regarding electrical reference, I’d love to see those too…

Thanks all



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Go to www.iaei.org and you will find many books on the NEC and other electrical areas such as Grounding, Dwellings, Testing and Certifications.

NACHI has a book store too that includes electrical materials.


For getting a better handle on the NEC I really like Mike Holt’s book “Understanding the National Electric Code” … packed full of easier to understand graphics, tables, and explanations.

For basic electrical home inspection information I like “Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings” by Douglas Hansen

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Actually Robert…that is a good book…the Douglas Hansen, Redwood Kardon and Mike Casey Book…" Electrical Inspections of Existing Dwellings"

They use that in all the ITA courses…sets up a good foundation for the new home inspector…most certainly.

The book mentioned by DH, RK, and MC is an excellent guide. I contributed many images from my library. See the acknowledgements.I also hired DH and RK as Instructors for NTT back in the 90’s.Thanks Paul and your comments are appreciated.

comments were to Mr. Hansen, Kardon and Casey…actually…I will just leave it at that…:slight_smile:

It serves is basic purpose well for the new inspector…nothing advanced but a great starting point.

nice images …very nice collection…

Here is a link to the book I referenced …

Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings

Robert, and the NEC is here to stay!

mentioned on the page for this book … “along with a reference for finding the appropriate sections in the National Electric Code.”

I agree the book is excellent, and the point I am making is here that the NEC is where the rules come from, and although not required to be provided by the HI, still should be of help.

Some of us give the NEC sections when answering questions for a reference.

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