I'm confused

I get what whats going on in the first two pics,

I don’t get the other pics. Usually I see 2 cleanouts in a yard. This whole KB tract has 5?




100_6738 (Small).JPG

100_6737 (Small).JPG

100_6736 (Small).JPG

100_6732 (Small).JPG

So they can clean the pipe in either direction Mark.

When they back-fill it with boulders they also need room for the TV Camera to find the breaks…:smiley:

What are the 5 clean outs for.

Interesting…quite possibly are they for an addition that will be added very shortly to the work already being done?

Maybe they are gearing up for NEXT 4th of July and those are firework loaders…

Interesting how ONE seems already PLUGGED with good ole’ Arizona DIRT…

One of those things I would most certainly make a mental note and then make a call to the plumbing contractor and simply ASK…I am sure he/she will explain it in better detail…

Brand new KB home tract. About 3/4 of the houses have 5 and the others have 2.

2 1/2 times the opportunity to clear the clog from the crappy KB plumbing job.

Pity the ones with 2.