I'M DONE with Homegauge!

I’ve been using their platform for 10 years after Inspector Pro back in the day
I’ve been through ups and downs with these guys , and hella problems
with my clients trying to navigate through their maze of confusion to read reports .

BUT…This is the final chapter friends…
They have recently forced all clients (us) to abandon the payment platform middle man
in my case has been (authorize.net) and use their choice ( Plaid )…

Since the transition I have had to wait now average 2-3 days for my money to land in my business checking account rather than the next day , I have had for the last 10 years …

I have went weekends waiting with no money from my business that prior week in my account
as it sits in their accounts gathering interest for them for a few days …

And this weekend has been no different …

I called them yesterday and never got anybody , then an Aiden returned my call only to tell me
that they did it for security concerns for our clients at first…funny I’ve never had an issue in 10 years of business.

Then he told me the key word…The money sits in their account for a day before it’s transferred the same day

well it doesn’t get transferred the same day obviously and they have become a middle man …

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see what they are doing here

Force all your inspector’s money into their account , sit on the lump sum and gather interest before
releasing it …takes days to get paid now ! 3 is average and if a weekend comes up add 2 more !

I’m OUT! have had enough! I’m open to best software as of today (recommendations) ???
I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time and I’m not up to date …I use alot of videos and pictures
I like a clean good looking report …

suggestions ??

Ohh and Aiden contacted me to ask if they can review my last 3 months in business transactions to see if I qualify for next day money transfers …??? WTF ???

I’m out ! not dealing with this garbage !

Looking like Spectora is the ticket , anybody have any feedback ?

You mixed your metaphors in post 1.


I really don’t know who is worse the friggin’ multi-inspector’s who want to employ us, or the inspection software companies who want to skim our money. You do understand by allowing the software company to act as a 3rd party they know when someone pays you with other than a credit card, is that information any of their business? What prevents that information from becoming something you must defend yourself over once it is no longer private?


I use Spectora with Square with automatic transfers option turned on. I generally get money in my bank account the same day, worst case 24 hours.

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I’m not defending Plaid, but it is not unusual when using a new card processor that they sit on the money for a little longer at first. This is to try and prevent fraud. After your business is “trusted” by them, they typically speed up the transfer.

I use Stripe, which is integrated into Spectora. At first transfers were slow, and Stripe informed me that they would be. Now they are pretty fast.


I’ve been using PayPal since about 2000.
I do not integrate them with anybody.
I link to them on my websites for Residential business, and I direct invoice through them for Commercial/Industrial Clients.
Most of my clients pay Cash/Check onsite.
My funds are immediately available to me (once paid by the client) via PayPal Debit card, or transferred to my regular Business Account within 24 hours. (The 24 hours is more a local bank thing than a PayPal thing).
As I don’t utilize electronic payments more than about 10% of business, I simply leave it there and use my Debit card to pay business expenses, eg. Fuel, Supplies, Tools, Travel/Lodging, etc.


I get the general frustration but does a day or two really matter that much with getting the money? I honestly couldn’t tell you within a week how soon I get my funds from Elavon.


Exactly. I work with many businesses. Insurance is a biggie typically taking forever to pay, often 30 to 45 days. Sux, but I knew the Terms when I began working with them.

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I think the real problem is your expectations don’t align with what’s available.

I have been using Homegauge for nearly 20 years. I’ve had every imaginable issue or problem, still have a few complaints, and often think about switching software due to some of these issues. But I’m still using it, and changing will be a big commitment in resources (my time, the learning curve, etc. etc. )

I do not use their payment system. I handle that separately from inspection reporting.

But the fact that you want or need to integrate a report writer with a payment processor is your recipe for continued disappointment.

What happens after your switch software, learn a whole new system, get up to speed, and then some time later, that software vendor changes payment processors to someone you don’t like, or don’t trust, takes too long to deposit funds, or whatever? (I believe all card processors get some kind of “float”, that’s part of their business plan).

There are some top-tier software providers (report writers) out there, to be sure. I personally wouldn’t choose one largely based on how they handle payments or charges.

Whatever you decide, be mindful that the product or service you pick tomorrow, most likely won’t look the same next year, as our industry is constantly evolving with new software & products, along with new ways to charge you and I more fees or subscriptions.


Of course, having some extra money in your operating account helps bridge the gap.

But it is lean times for many. If every inspection pays a bill and bills are stacking up, the few days waiting makes a difference. I do not know about the OP but many inspectors are week to week or hand to mouth right now.


Off topic, but I NEVER use a debit card at the gas station. I have a business credit card that I use for all my expenses.
Too much fraud going on from gas station pumps, and a Credit card is so much easier to dispute, and doesnt tie up your money. Last thing I want is someone having access to my business account.

Many years ago someone stole my debit card number, and it took about 3 weeks to get back a measly $75. (wells fargo) Another time someone used my CC on Amazon for $1000, and Chase credited it back the exact same day I reported it.


Yep, it happened to me several times before I wised up. Use a credit card and get some rewards. I literally pay mine off every week as if I were using my debit card.


None get a 10/10…I switched to Spectora…problems abound and its a little difficult navigating but i think ill stay the course with them for a while and see if they fix some of the more annoying issues. The automation they have is very good if you just do home inspections but customiztion to meet commercail and other needs and separate the communcations correctly still give me issues.
On the other hand their support group does deserver a 10/10 rating…quick to respond and they videos they provide are very useful and allow quick access to repeat instructions as/when needed. They are friendly and top notch responders. AAA++++


I use the report software and only the software. I never used any of the other so called perks (more like quirks) that they kept adding. I do not understand why any business would allow another company to handle the funds for their day to day operations. I have square for the odd time I get a credit card which is extremely rare and take all payments personally. As far as scheduling inspections I do the same. You want me to do an inspection call the number and I will book the appointment.


It is becoming a generational thing. Automate as much as possible is the current path (not saying I agree).

My 20 something daughter and I were discussing calling out for dinner. I put in my preference for a local restaurant. She voted no because they do not have online ordering therefore you have to call it in. There seems to be an aversion to human to human communication.


I signed up with Guardian Financial Services for my credit card processing. They advertise that they have the lowest fees and is the same processing company for Spectora and I believe HIP. The transfer is fast. Square use to charge me 3.5%+ for everything. Here, it is just over half of the price. Still using HIP until I finish my own software. Tell them I referred you. I get oh, about 5 cents for each referral. Time to retire.


Spectora partners with Stripe.

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Worth Repeating!!