I'm no engineer, but.....

I don’t think this will work for roof to wall connections…






No it wont, has to be attached to the top plate and/or bond beam attached to the truss and rafter with a minimum of three nails. I dont see on you last picture straps or nails coming through. First pictures I would say no.

Nope - The straps are imbedded in the bond beam about half way between the trusses. They added this “blocking” and attached the straps to them in the middle…

Looking better at your pictures cant tell if it is toenail (i) what year was the house built and what county are you in??

This is 1990 construction in Pasco County

I would choose other and write what you see. There’s going to be no credit issues anyway.

Weird, how that would pass inspection. Sometimes I wonder.

Wasn’t asking for report writing advice - just sharing…sometimes you gotta scratch your head and say “WTF?”

Just a little duct tape and glue should fix it.

Let me get this correct. They added the blocking strapped it in the middle and toe nailed it into the truss/rafter

Gotcha, great share, always see new stuff everyday. Haven’t seen that yet.

I don’t remember seeing bungee cords listed as any credit on the 1802… :mrgreen: