I'm pleased to launch InterNACHI® Inspection Warranty

You mean it is NOT exclusive


That doesn’t go very far with today’s prices.


Agents in my area have the warranty deal covered as well. I’m not sure I would want to try and bust into that market, especially with a product that has a $3k or less cap, a 90-day lifespan, and will cost my client a minimum of $50 to get (after I tack on my fees for administering it). For those reasons, I am out at this time. I would possibly consider offering it if it was integrated in my software and there was no extra effort on my part.

In other areas where agents are not selling warranties, could be worth a try. :man_shrugging:


한국에서 일하는 검사관을 커버할 수 있습니까?
언제 계획이 있으세요?
Is it possible to cover inspectors working in Korea?
When do you have plans?


I think that’s the most brilliant piece of information you’ve ever posted here. CARRY ON!

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Kathleen, can you get me the full policy details for me to post here as a PDF?


Can I charge my client $50 for it?

It’s okay…

How you arrive at your cost basis is up to you really.

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All the best, Nick. Keep us Canadian Inspectors posted.

It may be State specific.

I’ve read several times that in my State (Florida) anyone selling a warranty needs to have all the appropriate financial reserves, insurance protocols, etc. etc. It’s a highly regulated product here.

Which has meant (so far) that the individual HI can’t “sell” the policy or charge for it when they want to, on a random per-job basis.

Handing a brochure to the client and telling them to consider buying it removes you from the “selling” part (maybe).

I think it’s a pig in a poke.



Has anyone used a home warranty and noticed it bring in more work? It does seem more like a gimmick. However, some gimmicks bring in work. Basically using it as a form of advertising. It may not bring really any actual value, however it seems like it could bring perceived value. And perceived value is almost as good as actual value.

Unlike the “Buy Back Guarantee” it looks like this is also for “for sale by owner”.
Look at the 2:00 mark in video.


Still waiting!!

Now we have this video stating something else!

More fake internachi marketing news??

What’s the truth?

(at approx 00:20)…

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What mold issue would $1500 cover?? Not in New Jersey


Any updates on Canadian availability Nick? @gromicko Is this something that might take a couple of years to roll out here and Canadian inspectors shouldn’t be getting too excited yet?

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Also, the information is bit vague for appliances that are covered. Does major appliances include washers and dryers and built in microwaves? I assume everything else you’d normally think of is included.

I’m working on a FAQ page this weekend that should have everything in it. But if you have any particular questions, post them here and I’ll get the answers and add them to this FAQ page.

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Any idea when “soon” will be for Canadian inspectors Nick? Thanks kindly.

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Anybody else having log-in issues and trouble registering warranties through Elite? I’ve emailed Kathleen once again, but this is frustrating and just not worth the time I spend on it.