I'm pulling out all the stops at Inspection Universe this year.


And then I’m doing it again at www.nachi.org/convention2007.htm

If you need help at the Inspection Universe, I’ll be glad to help as always.
Earl Beahm

I just realized that Saturday at the Inspection Universe will be Saint Patrick’s Day! I can’t imagine anything better than a couple thousand drunken Irishmen (and want to be Irishmen) in Orlando on St. Patrick’s Day

Hi, Nick-
My hat has long been in the ring as volunteer help- These Expos & Conventions are the highlights of my year!

great stuff nick…you know I will speak if needed…just give the word

Sooooo Who’s going to Florida this year?


I’m going to FL, you can visit me at the NACHI booth :smiley:

Paul, if your interested in teaching you should email or call Ben at Pro-Lab
Prolab <bfontan@reliablelab.com>
call me I will get you set up :wink:

I spoke with JM yesterday and I’m doing 4 very different marketing classes myself at Inspection Universe this year.