Visit the NACHI booths at InspectionUniverse, Sept 20-23, Las Vegas.

Wait till you see the NACHI exhibit. Insane! :smiley:

NACHI will have the most awesome exhibitors booth ever created by man. Mark your schedule for September 20-23.

wow cool! I love Vegas. Might be able to make it

I’d drive down there but my van is about to die. I hope I can find a way to get there. :slight_smile:

Cheryl, could you email me if you’d be interested in sharing travel and room expenses?


Wendy and Cheryl, you can stay in my room at no expense… hee hee.



Inspection Universe is a ProLAB company correct?

I’ve volunteered to work the NACHI Booth . . .

I noticed on the Inspection Universe web site there is a graphical link to ADRS as an exhibitor. Is NACHI going to be selling resolution services at a convention?

Erol Kartal

I’ll help out with the booth also. :slight_smile: Glad to donate my time. :wink:

Since this was cancelled, please send all give-a-ways to me. Thanks in advance.