I'm selling my house

We moved out of our house and into our new home. Old house is now for sale. 4,500 square feet. 4 years old. 5 bedrooms, plus office, 3.5 bathrooms, 3-car garage. New roof, replaced builder A.C. with larger one, custom plexiglass well window covers, drywalled and painted garage, epoxied floors in garage, ran underground pipe to drain downspouts out front, most rooms repainted, finished basement, comes with big screen TV, deep freezer in garage, washer & dryer, built-in sound system, 10’ high ceilings + some tray ceilings, new roof installed due to hail storm. Community rec center and pool access. $630K.


Wow, looks really nice.

Makes me want to move to Colorado. No houses that nice in my neighborhood.

Never figured you would buy a home from a national builder @gromicko . I did quite a bit of work in that subdivision when it was getting built. . . With todays market, you will be under contract PDQ!

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Are you moving to Florida? Have the crazy’s won?
Remember when Colorado was free.

Keep the faith.

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No, I only moved a few blocks away to a home I built at our farm. I love Weld County, CO.


Under contract. That didn’t take long.


Congrats! !! Hopefully they will use an InterNACHI inspector.

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One that uses the BuyBack program?


How ironic :smiley: :smiley:

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I encouraged them to use an inspector who participates in www.nachi.org/buy

See?? Told you :wink::wink: I am surprised it took that long. What was it, 4 days? That’s quite a while for today’s market.

Congratulations! :+1:

In this market you’d be dumb to take the first offer day 1. Wait 3 days then choose the best offer, price and terms.


Agreed. I’ve heard of bidding wars from realtors driving selling price up $100 over list on some properties in a matter of hours. Crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Saw a million dollar home the other day go from MLS to contract in 2 hours. Offer was double list price. Down right nuts…