I'm setting up an Inspector Hall of Fame. Anyone want to help?

We can run it on the MICB www.certifiedmasterinspector.org so that it is open to all inspectors. We can have categories for those who have contributed to the profession:

Home inspectors
Environmental inspectors
Innovators of products and services for our industry.
Creative marketing
Industry publishers or authors
Message board contributors
Meeting coordinators
Veterans who have helped others

Anyone want to form an selection committee with me?

There are so many in our industry who have done and continue to do so much.

There are so many I’d like to nominate, Gerry Beaumont, Russel Ray, Jeff Judy, Michael Rowan, Keith Swift, on and on…

I think it’s a great idea. It would be nice to be able to recognize those who maybe don’t get as much exposure. Those who do alot but it’s in the background and they don’t ask for recognition.

Sounds alot like this http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=5623

Why reinvent a system that is already in place?

How about we start with retired / disabled / deceased?
You could count on me for that type of help.

I like the idea, and am stunned to be mentioned in connection with it. Like Russ said we should start with nominations for those who have retired or passed away.

We ourselves have had too many members taken away from us in the last few years, and I can also think of industry stalwarts like Norm Sage who’s helpfulness crossed all association boundries.



I have a feeling no one read your post Paul or at least they had no openion .
I agree it is sort of redundant .
Roy Cooke sr… Royshomeinspection.com

What system was in place? Describe it.

Sorry Paul,

I did not intend to ignore your post. I think the NACHI membership awards are great, but only apply to NACHI members. I can think of so many outside of our group that are so worthy of recognition.

Like the Rock and Roll hall of fame, it doesn’t matter which band you play for.




Oh, Gerry is correct. A legislator who helped our industry by putting forth or changing home inspection laws wouldn’t get a membership award, that wouldn’t work.

A Hall of Fame open to all would be better.

There are so many non-inspectors (especially in the education category) that are deserving.

http://www.nachi.org/forum/image.php?u=1067&dateline=1136043281Paul Hinsperger

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He did what?
All nominations must be submitted by December 10th
So get your nominations in now!!!

… …

The following nominations have been placed to receive an award.

Chapter Recognition Award Program

  1. The Connecticut Chapter nominated by Ron Cervero


Do you know of a NACHI member who you think deserves to be recognized for their contributions to NACHI?

Has your NACHI Chapter done some amazing things?

Is there a new product that helps inspectors that you think is incredible?

If so, why not nominate them for an award using NACHI’s on-line form for placing a nomination.

Be sure to get your nomination in early!

Click Here to place your nomination now!

It is important to be specific why you think the nominee is deserving of the award.

Nominations are sent to the Awards Committee. Nominations made anonymously or using aliases will not be accepted.

Paul Hinsperger

A NACHI-only and/or Inspector-only award system wouldn’t work for this.

See Gerry’s post above.

That was discussed and asked for openions from the members and I do not believe there was any response . Both PAUL And I had picked the same person who we felt had added a tremendous amount of help to NACHI members.
Roy Cooke sr

It did not work last year It just might now . I do feel that this is a good idea but we got little or no response before . Roy Cooke sr
If you wish to know who I we thought deserved let me know I do not wish to make the name public.

Cool. We’ll make him our first nominee.

Anyway, just like the Football Hall of Fame doesn’t limit itself to only members of one team or only players, neither should the Inspector Hall of Fame.

So many non-inspectors contribute to our industry.


Can you head up our nomination committee? We’ll need a very small blurb about each nominee.

I’ll set up the first categories and then we can add more as we go.

I’d like to create an actual award (trophy) as well.

Sorry I will sit on the Board but I am a helper not a leader.
Roy Cooke sr.

I’ll take you.

If no one volunteers I’ll lead the nomination committee. I just though of 4 more non-inspector, non-nachi members we should consider.

Anyone else want to help?

I think there should be a supporting spouse award. Probably monthly.