Educational Idea for forum

I have an idea that I believe would be a benefical asset to the board. I know there is the question of the day and the photo section but the benifit of having such a knowledgable group as the Nachi memebers that post everyday is priceless.

We should start a forum for electrical defects. We could also do Structural/Plumbing
There would be obvios easy defects and then there would be more chalaging ones.

There are many new inspectors that would benifit from in the field photos and then expert analysis from numerous NACHI inspectors like J Pope, D Valley, P Aber… & J. Tedesco.

I think to benifit the newer and the not so expert(Like myself) It would be best to let the post run like the question of the day and then towards the end the experts could answer.

For example a easy picture would be the one of the rotted service support (See photos) and a more difficult one would be evaluating older wiring. A poll could also be attached. (I have never tried this)

Does this sound like a good idea? Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.

I think it would make me a more knowledgeable inspector.

I hope G. Beumont is working on electrical next for his course.

Sorry about the spelling. I been fighting viruses/lawsuits/difficult inspections/snow/vehicle problems and normal everyday life.

It has been a very tough week.

Thanks for all the Nachi members for all they do!! I truly appreciate it.


Great idea David. But who said Jeff Pope is a good home inspector? :stuck_out_tongue:

Erol Kartal

Where’s the love Erol?

You do know I’m a razzin ya I hope. :wink:

Ya’ old man Pope talks a good game, but he is usually on the phone with** me** when he is answering posts.:p:p:roll::shock::wink:

:wink: :cool:

It should be noted that the Inspection Photo Gallery is packed with hundreds of quality defect photos. But David does has a cool idea of bringing the challenge of defect recognition to the board on a daily basis. It’s real good education.

Erol Kartal

I agree. It’s an excellent idea!

I am pretty sure Gerry B. will suport this idea.;-):smiley:

I think Gerry is still at the hotel looking for his car keys. :cool:

Let’s start with an easy one :smiley:

Double lugged Neutrals.:smiley:

Another tough one.:smiley:



Never mind the double lugged neutrals what about the grounds on the neutral bus? Or am I missing something.

On the first picture I thought you are allowed 2 nuetrals under one screw. I would agree about the grounds on the nuetral bar.

The second one looks like the panel bond is missing a screw.

Thank you for your information.


I hope Gerry finds his keys.

I would say these would be easy for ann expierenced inspector & more challenging for a newbie.

The buss looks to be bonded to the panel. So, I am guessing this is the main and not a sub.

Doubled neutrals are not permitted. Not one who likes to quite codes, but the NEC does not permit it, If you actually get to read the fine print on the panel, it speaks of single gauge neutral conductors permitted under screy terminals, and speaks of the number and combinations of ground conductors permitted per screw terminal. So, the panel would need to be rated for it, and I dont believe any are.

As to grounds and neutrals sharing a bus bar, Todd is correct in that so long as this is not a sub panel, it’s okay.

Some electricians choose to segregate grounds and neutrals on to separate bus bars in the main panel. This is nide, and makes conversion to a sub panel easy, if the configuration upstream ever changes. It is not required, however.

Sometimes, I see a ground and neutral from the same cable tied under a common lug. Also a no-no…

The picture is of a service panel. G & N on the same bar is okay. The problem is the doubled neutrals.

Todd and Joe get the golden cookie. . .

I love cookies. :cool:

I wouldn’t obsess about this double lugged neutral thing. In the grand scheme of hazards you encounter it is far from the most serious. The NEC was silent on it until 2002 so you might see it in jobs done by licensed electricians, permitted and inspected.

Why is double lugging of the neutrals a no - no?


I think it has something to do with the fact that a bus bar is sized for a certian number of circuts and if doubles were allowd then a board could be overloaded and cause a hazard. so even if there are plenty of open lugs and one thats doubled, it falls into the “no no” catigory.