I'm stranded!

All 5 roads leading to my house are washed out, I have shingles blowing off my roof and it’s leaking into the attic. The pictures show yesterday during the blizzard around 4pm and today it’s heavy rain and wind. You gotta love a good ole Nor Easter!


Much the same here in Toronto. We had better weather in Jan.

Good luck with your roof!!


Hi. Peter;

Hope you don’t loose to may shingles.

It is pretty bad up here too and expect flooding from the rivers.
Gust of up to 50 miles per hour.
It is suppose to last all night.

Days like to day, is creating leaks where you never had them before, due to the high winds and rain.

Good luck.

Marcel:) :slight_smile:

Good Luck Peter.

The storm lasted about 20 minutes here yesterday. The media spent 36 hours covering a 20 minute storm.

At least you have the internet.

I watch the Discovery Channel, Man vs Wild, good ole Bear Grylls has an answer to everything, I now know how to eat a fish with my bare teeth, how to row a sinking dingy with a shovel with Ice Berg’s floating all around me, how to jump in a Cravase on a Glacier using parachute lines to save me, and last but not least, Pee on my T-Shirt and wrap in around my head to stay cool. I must have missed the one on how to survive a Nor’Eeaster, sorry I can’t help you,

damm global warming

same here, peter. my house is at the end of about a 200 yard dirt, er mud road. made it to about 40’ of the road - boom - stuck. torrents of water are pouring off a hill at the start of our road, washing me out. i offered the town to use my property to put in a detention pond so this wouldn’t happen. grrrr.

good luck with yr house.

Here’s what happens if all the ice in the world melts.

Well I guess the worst is over, I hope. It’s been pretty wild here. My son is a volunteer firefighter in town and the last time I saw him was at 6am, they’ve been out straight all day. He’s been checking in and he’s OK but we have two dams in town that are in question.

Now all I have to do is pump out the water in the basement, fix the roof and get up tomorrow and go back to work.

Yeah, East Coast gets nailed again. I’m sick and tired of the damn water in this area.

Last evening the high winds howled all night as rain poured down and caused major coastal flooding in this area one more time.

At 6:30 this morning my kids and I awoke to a loud thunderous noise. I looked around my house and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary except hundreds of dead tree branches strewn all over my yard. A couple hours passed when I noticed a crane in my neighbors yard. I went over to see what happened and wouldn’t you know. The two trees in front of his home toppled right onto his house. It caved in the roof and dormer framing.

Thank God they were not injured.

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Hang on Peter, it’s bad down here to. I lost 2 big trees yesterday, and riding my bike is like riding a kite! Hold on. Ken

The climate has been warming since the ice age, and if the north pole completely melted, it would not cause the sea level to rise a single inch. If anyone does not believe this, I can prove it to them.

Ken, I think you missed something. I am not a global warming apologist.

The article was about if all the ice on the planet melted which is an event unlikely to occurr. They were trying to point out that the global warming advocates and their shrill warnings have little to no merit.:smiley:

Sorry Michael, I did’nt think you were, I picked the wrong post to comment on. Ken

Gosh Peter I just asked how you were on another thread (inches of
snow to rain) this is hell!
good luck