Why I Canceled My Morning Appt.

For you Northern folks who may be used to this kind of weather, remember, I live in Los Angeles :cool:

Pic #1 shows the conditions at my house - 60 degrees and partly cloudy.

Things started looking bad once I got off the freeway. . .

The last picture was still 10 miles from my destination.





I can see why .
I went through Washington DC years ago and they had 3/4 inch of snow the day before and it was gone almost instantly .
There was still damaged cars every where and most people did not go to work.
If you are in an area where most are not used to snow you made a great decesion . Tomorrow should be better.
Roy Cooke

Come on Jeff,
A little skiff of snow,
Try inspecting in this, :wink: :roll:




Looks like a fine Chicago day to me.

What’s the problem, Jeff? :wink:

Having lived in northern Michigan and Canada I have to say you have been in la-la land too long.:smiley: I have walked to the bus stop with stronger flurries than that.

Hi Jeff, you think thats bad, we’re at the beginning of a mojor Nor Easter, some elevations will receive 1-2 feet of snow, at the coast 5 inches of rain, high winds in eccess of 50-60 miles per hour, flooding, beach erosion. It’s not predictded to end until Teuseday

I thought that big bad new truck of yours with all those fancy gadgets would have 4 wheel drive. http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/10/10_1_132.gif


Its that damned global warming again.

Now Doug please don’t upset the Gorites.:slight_smile:
Gorite Creed

It does take some gear/equipment to work comfortably in that kind of weather. It’s an adventure. :wink:

Hey where did you get the summetime pics from Buffalo NY. Looks like good golfing weather to me. LOL

Frazier Park?

Just North to Pine Mountain. . .

Wait a minute, MOUNTAIN, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, naw, I lived in Huntington Beach and am a Native of Colorado, now MOUNTAINS are IN Colorado, those are just dinky hills with some folage out there, :wink:

Smart move Jeff. Better safe than sorry.

Do you normally take pictures of the road conditions to your inspections? :shock: I heard of documenting everything but geeeeeeez. :mrgreen:

Just funnin ya! :smiley: