I'm thinking about hosting another Commercial Inspection Business Seminar in S. East.

Atlanta maybe?

Orlando in the winter so family can enjoy the parks and weather while it is partially written off…

Nashville is cheaper!
You can easily/cheaply fly, and a whole lot more people could drive from all four corners.

Timing is everything, but I really like Nashville.


Out of the city but near everything.

Or, just down the street: http://www.roomstays.com/hotel/417988
If you want an upgrade for Nathan… he’ll flip for the difference I’m sure.

Lots of inspectors up here that could use the training. Or consider a regional tour

Do it in WV! We can gamble at the casino, white-water raft, snow ski, then listen to banjo music while sipping some smooth Home made Moonshine! :smiley:

Nashville would be ok, but hot Atlanta is the obvious choice :mrgreen:

More that anything, I’d like to meet up with several of you’s.

I have room for a few to stay at my house, I’m about 45 mins north of ATL…

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Gainesville Florida . Home of the University Of Florida Gators…Chomp !
Directly on I75 .

Gainesville, FL (Go Gators!); Orlando, FL; or Nocatee, FL have my vote.

So was this focus about home inspection?

No. Home inspections weren’t mentioned at the seminar. This is a commercial inspection business seminar that I’m taking on the road.

Gainesville, Orlando, or Jacksonville :smiley:

What are we doing trying to flood the country with low ball commercial inspectors.

I hope you are teaching how to properly price their work

It’s not taught in the home inspection world, why would it be taught in the commercial world?

Sorry lost my head I was just trying to be negative before Larry, Curley and Moe came along

That’s how I see it.

:mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to wait until the first of next year when Bill and Dale offer a “true” Commercial Building Inspection Training Course.