What is the fair thing to do for the next several Commercial Inspection courses?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a way to fairly offer a bunch more Commercial Inspection courses like www.nachi.org/comden.htm across N. America? Where should we hold them next and how do we decide?

I’d like to get at least 1,000 NACHI members trained up to offer commercial inspections this year and that equates to about 20 cities.

Off the top of my head I’m not sure how to pick the cities and in what order so that everyone isn’t screamin’ bloody murder at us.

Help requested.

Seattle was mentioned and several people indicated interest. I think they should be hubs of the housing industry and be areas that inspectors will feel are fair in travel time and distance. I think there are some naturals:

Washington DC
Las Vegas
New England somewhere
for a start…

If you do decide to do Seattle Nick, please let me know ahead of time and I’ll give up my spot in Denver to someone closer to that one who may not be able to go otherwise.

New Hampshire is ready and raring to go! The sooner the better!

This will draw in all of New Hampshire, The Boston Metro area, Rhode Island, Northern CT. Maine and Vermont.

I can see EVERY member of NACHI attending this course. You have raised the bar and people are leaping for it with glee!
Keep up the Good Work!

I am ready in Orlando. Heck I will even set it up.

Houston or Dallas is way cool!!!

Anywhere on the East coast is fine with me. You posted a thread stating that New York would be the next course, so please follow through with your promise.

You’ll get an excellent turn-out in this part of the States.

Cincinatti is a good central hub for this area.

Pulls in Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, etc

cincicenter (Small).jpg

Don’t forget the central mid-west.

James, I was trying, but all I could come up with was Lincoln Nebraska, and I wasn’t sure if that was appropriate or not. Sorry. :frowning:

Add either Kansas City or St. Louis. KC could pull in all of MO, KS, most of OK, Omaha, etc. Plus it is easy to get to by airline. That should be a very important factor in deciding where to have it is accessibility.

Omaha. That was another name that just wasn’t coming to me. I used to live in Lincoln so couldn’t shake that out of my head. Of course Omaha is the more appropriate selection. St Louis was another one and a wonderful choice considering the other reasons to go there such as the arch etc.

Don’t forget the Northern Central States…(Minnesota, the Dakotas)…Omaha works for me !!!

Yep, those were in my mind as well. But I really didn’t know a convenient hub for that area. Thanks for speaking up!

Why not just in from the outer border lines of the corner states close to the next state in and thru the center of the US ocean to ocean and canada to mexico staying on the inside borders of those states, should cover the USA.

Do the math. Florida has over 1400 NACHI inspecctors, which is one tenth of the total membership. There should be one in north Florida and one in South Florida.

Phoenix is a great place to meet in the winter months and we could use some training out here.

I hear you guys have some golf courses too.:smiley:

Start with the states/areas with the most concentration of members and move on from there. Don’t have the stats in front of me, but I believe it would be Florida, then Pennsylvania, etc.

A while ago I visited my local county business council building and they had a room for video conferencing for education. The room held about 30-40 people. The instructor was in a distant location broadcast his “interactive” course across the country to other cities that also have these facilities.

I saw this as a excellent way to inexpensively hold continuing education seminars to many people at one time with minimal overhead and travel expenses for the instructor and the participants.

These video conference centers I’m sure are located only short distances from NACHI chapters around the country…all it needs is a little organizing with the chapter heads. National picks a date and time and the chapter presidents secure the location and charge the appropriate fees to pay for the room and also help pay for the instructor.

I brought this idea up to a member here that had started a home inspector training school or online school and he liked the idea, but I guess the business failed before it got off the ground.

I also brought it up to our state HI organization, but they didn’t want to hear it because they said it would deter people from attending their annual continuing education conference and thus a loss of revenue.

Anyway, it’s just a thought.