impact coverings for newer homes

I inspected a 2013 home in mims that did not have impact coverings or windows. What is the code in when did it take affect are there limitations

2004 Florida Building Code

R301.2.1.2 Protection of openings.*

Windows in buildings located in wind-borne debris regions shall have glazed openings protected from wind-borne debris. Glazed opening protection for wind-borne debris shall meet the requirements of the Large Missile Test ofASTM E 1996andASTM E 1886, SSTD 12, ANSI/DASMA 115 (for garage doors) or TAS 201, 202 and 203, orAAMA 506*referenced therein.

(1)***Opening in sunrooms, balconies or enclosed porches constructed under existing roofs or decks are not required to be protected provided the spaces are separated from the building interior by a wall and all openings in the separating wall are protected in accordance with this section. Such space shall be permitted to be designed as either partially enclosed or enclosed structures.

(2)***Storage sheds that are not designed for human habitation and that have a floor area of 720 square feet (67 m2) or less are not required to comply with the mandatory wind-borne debris impact standard of this code.

Impact resistant coverings shall be tested at 1.5 times the design pressure (positive or negative) expressed in pounds per square foot as determined by theFlorida Building Code, ResidentialSection R301 for which the specimen is to be tested.

Exception: Wood structural panels with a minimum thickness of7/16inch (11.1 mm) and a maximum span of 8 feet (2438 mm) shall be permitted for opening protection in one- and two-story buildings. Panels shall be precut so that they shall be attached to the framing surrounding the opening containing the product with the glazed openings. Panels shall be predrilled as required for the anchorage method, and all required hardware shall be provided. Permanent corrosion resistant attachment hardware with anchors permanently installed on the building shall be provided and designed to resist the components and cladding loads determined in accordance with the provisions of the*Florida Building Code, Building.Attachment in accordance with Table R301.2.1.2 with permanent corrosion resistant attachment hardware provided and anchors permanently installed on the building is permitted for buildings with a mean roof height of 45 feet (10 058 mm) or less where wind speeds do not exceed 140 miles per hour (58 m/s).

Where was your inspection located??

2001 Florida Building Code: 1606.1.4 Protection of openings. In windborne debris regions, exterior glazing that receives positive pressure in the lower 60 feet (18.3 m) in buildings shall be assumed to be openings unless such glazing is impact resistant or protected with an impact resistant covering meeting the requirements of SSTD 12, ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996, or Miami-Dade PA 201, 202 and 203 referenced therein as follows: 1. Glazed openings located within 30 feet (9.1 m) of grade shall meet the requirements of the Large Missile Test. 2. Glazed openings located more than 30 feet (9.1 m) above grade shall meet the provisions of the Small Missile Test. 3. Storage sheds that are not designed for human habitation and that have a floor area of 720 square feet or less are not required to comply with the mandatory windborne debris impact standards of this Code.

I am not sure if mims is in the wind borne debris zone

Unfortunately, there is more to it than that. Some jurisdictions adopted impact rating requirements for glazed openings prior to the requirement of the Florida Building Code. To make things worse, some counties used highways as dividing points for the requirement…crazy, I know.

Contact the AHJ…better yet, go to the building department and research what was submitted. That would be the final determination.

Look for yourself. This map went into effect on 03/15/2012.

If this house was permitted before 03/15/2015, it may not have been inside the new WBDR…I don’t know where Mims is.

Here is the old map.

There are Mims addresses as far west as the St Johns River which is and was out HVWZ, and east to the lagoon which is HVWZ.

What is a HVWZ?

Meant WBDR. You are fast…