Are these impact?

Installed in 2007 - thank you

Thanks Mike

From what I can tell, that explains the glazing. But are these Wind Mitigation Form compliant for large missile impact?

It does state "Glazing material successfully passing the impact test of a 48 inch drop height, a 400 pound impact, is classified as “Category 11” - which these doors are.

I live in WI. I Don’t know much about wind mits… sorry

What Mike posted (first) has little to do with large missile impact testing and compliance with the 1802. On your glazing etching, the DCA (Dade County Approved) and LSG (laminated safety glass) indicates that the glazing is rated. But, to be fully compliant, you should be looking for a rating sticker on the unit frame.

I agree

Then you are both wrong. The interlayer used by PGT has 3 different thicknesses that are all MDCA approved…but only 1 of which is impact rated.

MDCA could mean one of three different approvals have been meet…or all three, which would classify it as impact rated.

Pull the NOA for the window and research the type of laminate used. Or, just learn how to read the label, it’s written right on it 4th line down.