Glass Rating

Glass PGT Florida- MDCA LSG…Forced Entry- The seller has conflicting info- listing agent says they are hurricane windows- They did windows in 2008… Inland property…




Look up the info on the stickers. They will tell you precisely what they are. Good luck.

MDCA LSG etching = IMPACT resistant glass. Look up the NOA or FL approval for the whole unit. You have it easy on that one.

Thanks guys- The NOA on SH600 says non impact- the NOA for the SH700 says impact. What am I missing here

Read the noa specs and look for the type of glass , the non impact unit will not have laminated safety glass

That’s a blanket sticker for both models. Use the SH700 (winguard) since the glazing is impact rated.

So does the LSG on the glass indicate the SH700 or what does? I have seen IR etched on other brands indicating Impact Rated.

Thks again

LSG - Laminated Safety Glass. MDCA - Miami Dade County Approved. If the glass is MDCA then it is impact rated, but if the frame is MDCA, this does not always mean impact rated (it may need extra protection). I have never seen (IR) etched in the glass, have a photo?

Thanks Brad- I would have to dig it up…it was the companys TM series on some newer windows. I want to say anderson- But no sure-

Sometimes it’s a real puzzle to get the proper verification, even if you’re pretty sure it is rated. They didn’t start putting the approval numbers on the stickers until the last few years.

Just think if we get confused about it how easy is it for the homeowner/consumer to get confused? you would think if a window manufacturer were trying to sell a product on quality it would be in plain English backed up by the code. No wonder Government gets involved when consumers feel ripped:roll:

PGT do use the same sticker for both impact and non impact windows. But if you see that etching on the glass the windows are impact rated. They can put non-impact glass into an impact rated frame, but not vise versa.
When you look at any PGT product, if it has Square glass stop it is usually impact rated, if it has curved glass stop the windows or doors are NOT impact rated. (this is a quick guide to save yourself time).

Per the link below, it was approved in 2007. However, since 2011 the approval has expired.

As long as it was current at the time of installation it is fine. As with most products the approval is usually renewed unless changes are made to the product, in which case a new approval is obtained. In this case changes were made and although the product kept the same name the design was altered and a new approval obtained in 2011. The current approvals are all here.

Just for clarification, if the product had a valid approval at the time of installation, then it counts as proper verification. Most approvals get renewed with a different approval number and are listed under a different code version before they expire anyway.

Are you talking about the frame detail on a vinyl window? The OP has an aluminum frame window, which the frame looks the same for both models.

The aluminium windows, and it is a rough guide not set in stone.

Had a nice lady that had a “impact door” allegedly florida “ripped sticker” approved sticker. Non-HVHZ. It said something like impact lite noise suppression burglary theft resistant I called manufacturer cause I had the time they verified non impact. She got screwed :frowning: Salesman / installer straight out lied to her. I do however believe it would probably fair well in her location West Plantation. but she will get panels for the tracts that are still in place from previous shutters.

Can you put hurricane shutters for the front door? if your exterior door was not impact rated, but put shutters there to get the credit?

Yes you can.