Wiindow stickers and ratings

Since the labels are still a new confusing part for me, figured I would bounce this off those who have more knowledge of this one.

Do the stickers off the windows in the photos qualify for any impact rating. They don’t match the specific numbers on the form itself, but wanted to make sure.
One says dade county approval but it expired in 1995
I wanted to make sure before I mark X that these are not indeed impact rated.

Definitely not impact rated. I pulled the information from the stickers and both were pressure and design tested. Could be pressure tested but not 9lb large missile impact. This is the only pain on a wind mitigation is finding all this stuff:roll:

I agree, it’s a pain. I didn’t think due to the age, but this stuff is still new learning for me. X it is.

Design pressures (+ and-) are wind loading and totally different and independent of “impact” rating.

What type of impact rating are you looking for? SGCC? 16 CFR 1201? ANSI Z97.1-84? MDCA?

All of these are “impact” ratings…

good stuff to know. Thanks

You can save yourself a lot of hassle by learning the appearance of windows.
If it looks like single pane and flexes under hand pressure it’s not impact rated. Tap on windows of all kinds and when you tap on an impact window you can tell a huge difference.

Here’s a great thread about impact rating…

And remember that just because the frame sticker says MDCA or DCA or anything that implies Miami-Dade approved, DOES NOT always indicate large (or small) missile impact resistance. Sometimes the NOA requires external storm shutters. That sticker shows a 1991 approval and was issued before large missile testing. The other stickers are not impact either…no cyclic or missile standards there.

As others have said, knocking or using a laser will indicate further review is needed, but is not verification of impact resistance.

The first large missile tests date back to 1981…

Also, Dupont had a NOA for laminate that meet MDCA back in 1994. The knock test doesn’t prove squat…

One can only have an idea by tapping if it is done on the laminated side.

Thanks Thomas

The kind the 1802 form says it has to be.

None of these standards by themselves indicate impact resistance for opening protection on the 1802. Even MDCA in the etching on the glazing. MDCA on a storm shutter does indicate impact resistance.

Metaltech had a 24g steel hurricane panel that had MDCA approval but could only be used in 110-120 WBDR…it wasn’t large missile impact rated due to the tensile strength, or lack of, and they ended up loosing their approval. But not before the shutters were installed on roughly 3,000 homes througout Dade, broward, and Palm Beach…

Spent some time with HPW Store (impact window store.)
Big difference in impact and non

It def gets easier with experience, there are only so many products out there. also, you can usually tell the difference by tapping, you just cant document that.

Ought oh Bill is going to get mad you said that :slight_smile: Tapping :slight_smile:

Just messing with ya Bill :slight_smile:

I may tap on a window at every house just so I know. If it looks solid and feels solid then I search for the decals. Have also found that if homeowners remove the decals most likely a bathroom still has the decal.

Decals mean nothing without verifying the etching. A builder or inspector is being sued in coral gables because the stickers said impact rated, but he wrong glass had been installed and was not impact rated