Impact window approval

Inspected a home yesterday for wind mit. Home had exceptionally strong windows. Double pane , hurculite glass. Owners believes these windows are impact rating. Plez check pic and give us any ideas to track these down.

Normally NOT impact rated when it i laminated saftey glass

It is Not impact rated.

I wish I had a saved a dollar for every time a clients says they think its Impact.

Gary see attached for the NOA you provided

That is why I get paid when I arrive BEFORE I begin.

I learned the hard way.

Once I have been paid it is not leaving my pocket until the wife gets it :slight_smile:

Thanks Preston for the document which does prove “no impact” and thanks for all the other comments.

The water
Mark shows the MDCA number. MDCA stands for Miami-Dade County Approved. Just look the number up on and it will give you the information. Easy peasy…

;)Me too!