Impressing a new agent.


I got real lucky this morning.

Had a condo inspection and we were all standing at the door. Agent stated it had an I box and had to wait till 9. It was 845 so I took client to find common components like the main electrical shut off.

So getting back to the story. We take this old elevator up to the third floor. Agent finds the door to have a combination lock. She has no code. She calls both office and listing agent. So after about 3 minutes I decide what the heck. I will try the common lock box that most homes have. Like SET and SPI or agents initials. So I luck out and it is the first one I try. We get in and agent is like total shocked and now begins to stop sweating profusely.

Turned out to be a nice unit all went well and I imagine I will get an inspection or 2 from this agent.

Just thought I would share.

Off to job #2. Hope it goes justs as well.

Thats a good story… Something to think about. contact with agents is like a rope… you need to make your rope with each agent one thread at a time. Don’t make a miss stake at this point. Now that you have one thread with this agent. Send him/Her a Coupon for $ 25.00 off the next inspection.
Then after that inspection send out a card by mail put a photo of the last home you inspected for them. If you keep this going you will have a very strong contacts with all your agent and that you can take to the bank…

Don’t take this last inspection for granted…



LOL. So the code was SET? That’s like making your website passwords ‘password’

Damnit…thats my password! Keep that under your hat Dominic!

OCN is very popular here for some reason.

Most of the codes are the first letters of the bank that owns the property.

I have a lest of about 20 some codes I have got from the REO Agents I work with.



**Send him/Her a Coupon for $ 25.00 off the next inspection. **

I disagree. I would never send an agent a coupon for dollars off an inspection.

This year an agent told me you don’t have to enter the lockbox code in a particular order. For example if the code is 8596 you can enter 9658 and it will still open.

That’s got nothing to do with your contact today but I thought it was interesting.

Anyway being personable with Realtors is more than half of what it takes to solidify a relationship. If you’re neat in appearance, half as good looking as myself, and provide clients with an honest fair report you should have no problem.

Alright so perhaps I’m not all that great looking but I do meet two of those requirements. :smiley:

Now I’ve got to finish this inspection report from my AM inspection so I can get out the door for my PM inspection.

I alway’s contact the listing agent myself & get the code. Most of my inspections the Realtors don’t even show up, or show up near the end.

BTW - Just curious - What is an I box? Did you mean Electronic/Supra?