Yesterdays Inspection Was Interesting

Ok so Last week I get a call from a prospective client. They tell me they didn’t want to use their realtors recommendation and did their own research and found me. OK so far this is going great as I love when I hear that stuff.

OK so we set up the inspection for yesterday, the whole shbang with Radon, WDI. So as I pull up I am thinking that I have been here before and the house looks really familiar. OK so I proceed with the inspection and all is going well and at this time I know I have inspected this home before I just couldn’t place the time. OH well no biggie it’s all good.

OK so while in the attic, I find 2 open junction boxes with live uncapped wires hanging out of the boxes. Note them and continue. OK now in the basement utility room I find a floor joist that has a huge notch in the center abd is about 75% cut (not cool). OK continuing on I find an extension cord coming out of a knock out in a metal 8b box used for a ceiling light. OK No connector to start, and this cord ran under the joists supported by twisty ties from the grocery store about 20" to a receptacle which was being used for the sump.

OK so you get the picture. The home was actually pretty decent 2500 sq ft, but did have some unique deficiencies.

OK now here is what I find interesting to me. I get back to the office and begin the report. But first I look up the address in my old logs. YUP I sure did do the inspection back in 2006 about 7 years back. Ok I look up the report and sure as shi…t the exact same deficiencies were noted then as now.

It just amazed me that the sellers now, who yes were my old client never fixed anything ??:shock: when they heard it was me, Maryland Home Inspection Services doing the new buyers inspection they chuckled and told my new client, about this and we all kinda laughed and now they have to fix the same issues I found 7 years ago for my new client.

All ended up great, and in the process my clients agent who at first had a chip on her shoulder because my client didn’t use “Her Guy” asked me for a stack of cards so she can use me in the future.

All Good In The Hood. Another Win Win For ALL !! :cool:


very nice

Interesting story. What goes around … comes around. LOL

A few months ago I did an inspection on a house I had inspected a four years ago. Looking over the report I saw I noted a log of open ground three prong outlets in the house and reverse polarity. My procedure is to place a small color coded sticker on outlets with these deficiencies so the buyer can easily refer back to the report for repairs. So sure enough when I inspected the home the same stickers were in place.

I have inspected many homes twice. Many defects never get repaired. I drive by homes that I have done before, recommend repairs, and see they were never done. Inspect, document, present, collect the check, done. Beer 30.

I just don’t understand why they don’t fix things. I can understand stupid little things but potentially dangerous items…:shock: Just blows my mind.


i am glad to found this i have read your post it’s very interesting, keep posting.

Thank you, i can guaranty that most of the inspecrors here have similaer stories and even better ones.


I have actually had this happen several times. One home I inspected 3 different times and each time the same problems were noted.

And why didn’t they or their agent negotiate those repairs? Especially the safety issues, I don’t understand why people just ignore them.

Happens a lot…

I actually think they did negotiate and seller gave credit so buyer could make their own repairs. Looks like buyers had a party…

I did one in 2003 3 sliding doors opened to a six foot drop…
reported how serious it was and how it needed to be fixed immediately so they could not open more then 4 inches till they got the deck built .
We same home 7 years latter nice home except same doors opened to a six foot drop.
It is just 1/2 mile from here will try and see if they have fixed them yet.