Improper P-trap?

The trap seal should be between 2 and 4 inches. Is this one proper?

052306 066.jpg

Personally…if you go by the BACK side of that trap it is more than 4 inches…I would say NO…it is a problem…

But again I called out “S” traps and got RAGGED by the plumber…because they knew I was an Electrician…thehehe

The orientation of the trap is not a problem but everything else is wrong. The trap arm is higher than the drain line, and the trap should be directly in line with the tail piece of one sink, with a directional fitting from the other.

You guys confirmed what I thought. Thanks for your help.

It appears the whole trap is installed backwards, good call on the drain arm being lower than the trap arm. If they disconect it, there would be a large amount of disgusting water stuck, the drain probably worked but very poorly.
It was a great attempt at plumbing 101, the book was probably upside down.