Window and door flashing missing

I am currently doing my mock inspections and trying to learn as much as possible. These aluminum windows on a 1975 stucco house appear to have a small lip but no flashing is present. There is no flashing above the wooden frame of the door. I am in California and we only get about 1’-2’ of rain every year. Should this be reported as a major defect? What are your thoughts. Thank you.

Flashing ( a way for water to get out) is needed but also you may consider just calling them defects. Most of us have had issues with trying to label defects major and minor, in the past.

To a framing contractor, a few broken trusses may be minor not major. Or, to a mason, a few dislodged blocks is nothing. Whereas to a klutz, a loose switch cover may be major. YMMV :thinking: :sunglasses: :nerd_face:


good eye for detail. if they were cleaning and sprayed that window with the hose, water would get in. note the defect and keep it moving

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Thank you both for your replies. Your perspective is much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Typical of many window installations, windows with a flange do not get a head flashing. Those are on a porch (or similar?).


That’s a typical aluminum window installation in California. No head flashing required, and not a defect.
You will look like a fool if you even mention it in your report.
And if the door you mentioned, no picture provided, has stucco mold around it, then same response.


Huh, I didn’t know that…thanks.