In Floor Sewer Pump

We also know where the main exits the foundation. If there’s a basement bathroom, well one can only hopefully assume it is a sewage/grinder pump…

Either guess is just as good at this point. I am leaning towards sewage ejector since it does tie into the main line.

It is a sewer ejector pump. I pretty much told my clients that it’s a rare event I see one and if it is indeed a sewer ejector pump then it’s missing a gate, a vent and I’m not sure what else. I told them to consult with a qualified plumber for further investigation/possible repair. If I’m wrong I’ll pay for the plumbers time. I’m very straight forward with all my clients and I appreciate everybody’s comments.

So then… you really don’t know for sure.

How much are you selling your “knowledge” for again?

Yeap, I’ve never seen 3" on either an ejector or sump pump. That large of a diameter would most likely cause problems.

Billy, while we don’t need to be experts on the matter, you should be able to definitively determine whether a house a has sump pump for ground water or rain water, or a sewage ejector pump for fixtures below the main sewer.

Each have different requirements. They are simple systems to understand. In an hour, you could learn the difference and what to inspect for.

That’s also free advice, because that’s probably all it’s worth :slight_smile:

If it is a sewer lift pump it should be vented.

If it is a ground water sump pit pump it is probably illegally discharging into the sanitary sewer.

That’s what I said in my first post. Plus, it’s missing the gate or ball valve if its for sewage.

And neither would ever require a 3 inch drain pipe.

Gate or ball valve not required here.

Do you have a reference?

Note: You are on my ignore list and I only occasionally read what you write. Sorry but that’s the way it has to be.

Didn’t realize it was a regional thing.

Small problem:

The photo I provided was from the 2009 Virginia plumbing code. It does not include the exception. All of the ones I have seen had the gate valve.

As always ymmv

That’s the problem with playing code inspector.

Codes change over time.

which one will you use?

No problem here

Pretty standard set-up in Virginia. I have never not seen the valve.

You avoided the question.:roll:

That is an entirely different topic that has been beaten to death. I know you like beating things to death, so have at it.

And one EVERY inspector must deal with.

I hope you don’t site code in your reports.

I bet you’ve never seen a “set-up” with a 3" discharge pipe either? :wink: