In the face of InterNACHI... Kaplan ITA calls it quits with online inspector courses.

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Awesome! Next stop A$HI!

ASHI doesn’t have any approved online education. … or entrance requirements … or membership benefits … or (well, you get the picture).

And you know exactly what I meant!:smiley:

I got a call yesterday from a guy who wanted a home inspection, but wanted to be sure I belonged to ASHI. I said no, but I was a proud member of InterNACHI and began to explain how this was much better for him in both education and value (free maintenance book, 100 day inspection coverage, $10,000 honor guarantee, etc. etc.) He said he was told by his Realtor to only go with an ASHI inspector. I asked for his Realtors name, he said no. I asked him to go to my web site to learn a little more before going up the wrong road. He said no, again. Then he hung up on me… Oh well

I would next time mention that if he trusts his Agent so much ,why is he not using the guys favorite inspector?

Next time tell him how Agents all hate NACHI because we find all the issues and they fear losing the sale :slight_smile:

Good points Bob. There were a few other things I felt like telling him too… :roll:

InterNACHI will be the education leader in Florida.

Well I would finish with letting him know that while ASHI spends all it’s marketing money selling and marketing to Agents that NACHI instead uses it to train us in inspection and it does put us at at disadvantage, but if he wishes to make his Agent happy he should just do as told and you will be happy to help him find a guy that will do a fast walkthrough.:slight_smile:

Remembering that, in a selling situation, “the customer is always right” I have found that many of them use the term “ASHI” like the word “Kleenex”…and the question they are asking has actually nothing to do with any particular association.

I have belonged to both, ASHI and NACHI. I found ASHI to be severely deficient in providing anything valuable to me, as an inspector, or to the public.

But ASHI’s service to the public, indirectly, has been to educate them (through the used house salesman) on the importance of carefully selecting a home inspector based upon his use of a standard of practice and adherence to a code of ethics which is something that non-affilliated inspectors do not do.

In the heart of the St. Louis market where ASHI and the used house salesmen compete over who can do a better job of closing the deal and selling the house (the ASHI president actually has a seat on the St. Louis Board of Realtors and many past ASHI presidents still inspect in that market)…real estate agents are taught by every broker to recommend “ASHI members”, exclusively, to their clients. This is where I started my business.

When I was asked “Are you a member of ASHI?” I did NOT go into a sales presentation on NACHI. That, in my opinion, would be a ridiculous waste of time. Instead, I asked them a question. “By your question, are you asking me if I belong to a national association that requires me to pass a test and agree to comply with a code of ethics and apply a standard of practice in every inspection I do?” The answer from them was always “Yes, that’s what I am asking.” I would respond “Yes, I am a member of such an association, so let me ask you a few questions about the house you want me to inspect…” and, from there, we scheduled an appointment.

Remember that the differences between the two associations are meaningful ONLY to home inspectors. NACHI is the best choice, hands down…while to consumers, they will find excellent inspectors as well as incompetent idiots in either club.

I haven’t been asked about association affilliation in years, but if it ever happens I intend to respond “I was a member of ASHI for several years until I became qualified for national board certification and decided to leave them. I am now a CMI and adhere to a stricter code of ethics and apply the standards of practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.”

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This explains why NACHI was very little help to you Florida inspectors that fought licensing.

One less junk mail / email!!:smiley: