Today’s inspection had a deep sink. A really deep sink that apparently the plumber wasn’t expecting during the rough in. I simply said the drain should be replumbed. I am posting the photo for your enjoyment. What would you call this trap?

Is this a PS trap?

Brian, did that abortion actually work?
FUBAR would be the name for it. :smiley:

5 trips to the hardware store.

That would be called a deep seal trap.

Yeah, the sink drained fine but that don’t make it right. This was built in from day one and the home is 8 years old. I told the purchaser that if he doesn’t fix it and his wife ever drops something that needs to be retrieved from the drain that it will still be in the Ptrap but he is going to need a tub that will hold a gallon underneath when he dismantles it.

Luckily no seals where injured in photography of this episode.

One would almost think that the amount of head pressure needed to make it work, water would be going in the pig first. :slight_smile:

I see nothing but dumba-s.
That dishwasher is a bacteria trap.
Look at the disposal drain and you will see how that food would fly back into the dishwasher.
Around here you are not allowed to hook up a dishwasher to a disposal to begin with.

Remember water seeks its own level.

No problem with that here it is done all the time and the drain goes up above the rim level of the sink. If the drain problem is corrected I have no issue with the dishwasher connected to the garbage disposal as it is now it is just wrong and I can see your concern. They need to open the wall and back of the cabinet, this was a penninsula and I can’t see the height or diameter of the piping it may be that this wet drain is not in compliance for diameter as well. I reffered them to a plumber for repair. What happens now is out of my hands. I got my check and left, they can call me for any reason as I told them but in all likelyhood they never will. Funny part on this inspection was the lack of hot waterflow from the third bath shower/tub fixture. I had to take a lot of christmas decorations out to run the water and low and behold it didn’t work right…coincidence? Enquiring minds want to know.

Brian ,the disposal provides centrifical force enough to possibly contaminate the clean dishes.

Where I am ,air gaps are code, though I will approve of the reverse trap unless attached to a disposal.