Individual filters in air diffusers

New electric heat pump install. They installed filters in each air diffuser throughout the home. This can’t be a good idea, due to having to change each filter and/or remembering to change each one, correct? There was a regular filter as well. Anyone ever seen this? Any helpful insight is always appreciated. Additionally, why does electric breaker to heat pump have to be on a minimum of 24 hrs.?

Thanks in advance.

I have seen the individual filters before. My concern was also that the filters would get forgotten and restrict flow. I also don’t see the point to the extra filters. No idea about the breaker.

The heater is supposed to be on for 24 hours ( if the unit has been long term shut down) right now i would not worry about it. it is to insure all refrigerant is boiled out of the oil.this would not be a problem in the summer time.

Even the clean filters restrict airflow, let alone when they get dirty…Bad idea, they’re not necessary. Must be manufactured/sold by someone with little knowledge of the HVAC industry.

In a combustion heating system, I’ve heard a story of the individual register filters restricting air flow so much that the unit shut down on its “high limit” control.

not only is HVAC air duct designed specifically for performance, the diffusers have specific operating criteria. If you add a filter media below the diffusers you change this design and will affect comfort levels (whether the system was properly engineer or not ).

it is highly unlikely that your system was designed properly to start with, however including this “homeowner fix” only degrades the operation of the system.