Indoor Air Quality Television Episode 2 is ready

The second episode of our web based television show, Indoor Air Quality Television is ready and has been posted.

This episode is a show report from the 4th annual Florida Inter-County IAQ Council Open house and Expo in Ft. Myers, FL April 19-20, 2007. Among st the features shown in this video is the massive moisture intrusion and drying exhibit contained in the trailer of a big rig truck. You can see this impressive display for yourself in episode 2.

You can also view the first episode where we detailed the use of spore traps and took a visit to an analytical lab where we saw a real time analysis of the spore trap trace from the lens of the microscope by the microbiologist at the lab. We also discussed how lab reports are interpreted.

Please give us your feedback and tell what what topics you would like to see in future episodes

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Jeff Deuitch
Host and Producer, IAQ Television