Indoor Air Quality Television

For those with an interest in Indoor Air Quality issues we are creating an indoor air quality, web based, TV show. The first episode is filming this week.

We are looking for suggestions for features that people would like to see. We will also be looking for guests who are involved in IAQ inspections or others who have personal stories related to mold or IAQ.

We presently have a short preview describing the show. This preview can be accessed at the Indoor Air Quality Forum at and clicking the Preview link in the upper right and corner of the home page.

We would also appreciate your comments on how the show views on your computer. We use a streaming server and have tested on several computers, mostly with good results, but one or two people have commented that some roughness has occurred. We may convert to flash video if other people have trouble with the present system.

Thanks for your attention. Our first episode will be about air sampling for fungal particulates and will have video from an analytical lab to show exactly how samples are analyzed including footage directly from the microscope.

We hope you enjoy our shows and we appreciate your feedback.

Jeff Deuitch
Host, Indoor Air Quality Television