Meet Nick at the NACHI SC chapter 06/24

Hello all,

Are any of you thinking of attending the NACHI chapter meeting in Greenville, SC tomorrow?

If you can make it, we will have a team taking orders for the Free Air Chek Radon Pro-Pack and to sweeten the deal we will include in our gift envelope a newly-printed, US government-issued $20.00 bill (the real one with Jackson’s picture on it), which will cover the cost of attendance.

Yes, I realize it is a bit late for some of you to make plans, but this is the first time we have been to one of the chapter meetings…and I admit, when it comes to protocol, we are still in the learning mode.

This is a no strings attached offer. A Free Air Chek Radon Pro-Pack and your paid entrance fee ($20). Plus another discounted offer that those who are there will get a first chance to participate in. (A $100 off deal on home inspection software.)

We hope ALL you folks show up!