Info on Attic Ventilation

Thought I would share some info in Attic Ventilation.

This is a pet peave of mine with builders, contractors and roofers…it cost’s no more to do it right than wrong when building new however no one seems to know what to do (or cares). When a new roof or soffit system is installed on a house the contractors just don’t seem to want to put on a upgraded system that meets some very basic criteria, maybe the don’t know any better (or care).

I am certain that many of you have seen your share of nightmares related to AV in your experience as HI’s, my history as a Roofing Contractor has brought me face to face with far too many, all brought on by ignorance.

I would recommend you check out the site for AirVent (, my favorite ventilation product manufacturer, and I would encourage you check out when they may be in your area for the one day ‘Ask the Expert’ clinics on attic ventialation, see, they are free and usually very informative (they are not designed to sell product). Feel free to go into the professionial side of the site and look around most especially under the Resource Center and literature/sales tools. There is also an area called ‘troubleshooting’ that may also be helpful.

Hopefully this will help with some of the issues I have noticed posts about, unfortunately it is not as cut and dry as some areas are however it is critical to the health of the home and it’s occupant’s as we all well know.