Info/Ride Along In Sacramento

Hi all,
First of all ill introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I’ve been in the construction and plumbing fields off and on for several years. A while back I started researching the home inspectors trade as an option to finally work for myself and actually be happy in something that I do for a career.

Ive done a lot of research and scanned the forums but I still have several questions and the business and owning a business in general. I really want to sit down with a knowledgeable home inspector to talk the business and possibly shadow on an inspection or two.

I was given a home inspector business card from a friend of mine and my friend said the inspector urged to contact him if I ever wanted to get together and talk about the business and possibly a couple of ride alongs. I contacted the guy and we e mailed back and forth. Things ended up not panning out.

I was hoping that someone might be willing to sit down with me and help answer my questions or at least point me in the direction of someone who might in my area.

Thank you