Did a WMit Monday, went afterwards and researched permits on County’s website.
At issue is the roof is less than 5 years old and looks like it. Even the neighbor said roof was just updated a few years ago, that was before I knew there was an issue. Problem for the Buyer is there were no permits applied by the Contractor or obviously issued, did it under the radar. The last roof permit recorded was 1997.
Now the Buyer is ******** at me to update 1802 I turned in on Tuesday.
He’s even telling me how the Realtor misled him, none of my business…

Hopefully the home has not closed yet. He might be able to negotiate with the seller. The only recourse, if the roof was not permitted, is to have an engineer re-certify it and the county / city will issue a permit. This will cost a minimum of $1500.00. Tell him he needs to report the realtor to his broker and the state. Sounds like he might have committed fraud.

You can typically see some of the bottom of the shingles at the ridge vent cut out. Look for a Miami-Dade stamp.

It is what it is.

Your home inspection is not a code inspection and the wind mitigation ratings must be documented. You didn’t build it or fail to pull a roof permit. 2005 was a time of repeated wind events and the former owner had a right and responsibility to protect the house.

Having said all that. Explain that you would be happy to alter the report if the correct documentation was provided. Look for the NOA stamp as Reece suggested. Do they have extra shingles laying around? Does the seller have a receit, cancelled checks, etc…

Remember, it’s your responsability to get the report correct and supply the documentation required. It is NOT your responsibility to make anyone happy.

Hope these comments help. :slight_smile:

Happens all the time. If the policyholder wants the credit for it, and you can’t find the permit on normal channels, he will have to provide you with the proper documents or approvals (tied to that roof). Or, he can apply for an “after the fact” permit.

I would agree with what Jay said.
Tell your client that you can only write down what can be verified. If he can get you verification, then you will be more than happy to update the report, free of charge.

To prevent this issue from occurring in the future, don’t take anyones word for anything. Do a permit search on the home before you even go out there.

I have done several inspections where someone said the roof was three years old. After a permit search was done, turns out, that wasn’t the case. On one home, the permit was never closed out. The roofer was out of business so other things had to be done to get the permit closed.

Because I did the permit search before going to the property, everyone was alerted to the problem, it got resolved and then, I did the inspection. I suspect I have gotten 10+ referrals from just that one deal.

The guy died and nobody can find any paper trail of anything being done. I do not think the Realtor misled the Buyer, it is newer and is obvious, reporting him is too much drama.
I did all I could on my part now, just waiting for anyone to produce docs so I can amend.
But agreed as Jay says, it is what it is.

Not your fault.
You are there to verify the information the client provids.
No info no credits.

I too update for free if they EVER get me the correct info and all looks well.

Be carefull I get all kinds of crap after the fact wen people start trying anything.
I always save the email they send the info with in their file so if the crap hit the fan I could show they provided the info and I did not make it up :slight_smile:


You might try this: Have roofing contractor come out and remove some of the shingles you might find the stamp you need if no extra shingles are around as mentioned. Or, check with building official he may let you open a permit and get a private sector engineer to certify final inspection. Just a thought what the heck give it a try. Good Luck

Thanks Fred, excellent…!
Neighbor ???

Did you look at the ridge vent cut out for a MDA stamp?

Well said!

Did the client even get a home inspection? :roll:
I also agree with **jmurray4!

Update: Case closed, Buyer chilled out and is happy with his rate without the roof info I was looking for. There was no HI before I was called for the WMit. What did kill him was his home is in a low flood plane…

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