Wind Mit. Roof Permit Info

I am looking for suggestions or best practices on how you are completing the Florida Wind Mit. Form when there is no documentation/permit on roof replacement or age.

  • The County Building Permit Office that I complete most of my wind mit inspections rarely has record of a permit for the location of the property I am inspecting.

1.I complete the wind mit form stating unknown age or permit info,
2. I include a screen shot of the email response from the county building permit office stating they have no permit records for the property,
3. I include a note in the “limitations” section of the wind mit report stating no roof permit records were available.

  • I still get calls from the insurance companies for explanation on the missing roof permit information.

Any suggestions or a better way to note the wind mit form when I cannot get roof permit info?

Some locales are worse than others when it comes to permits, and of course following huge disasters a permit may not have been applied for or pulled.

If you’ve exhausted all the permit research methods, then " it is what it is" and don’t feel bad if the insurance agent doesn’t understand the process.

If your client has a signed contract showing specified material (w/noa) used and a paid receipt from the licensed roofer attach that and mark accordingly. Not always a permit pulled but for an additional fee some cities/ county permitting authorities’ have been known to issue a permit after the fact. You completed it in good faith believing it to be accurate; it’s up to them what they do with it.