Infrared Contracts

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Is anyone using a contract for their IR cameras? I am getting ready to use my IR for inspections here in New York, but do not have a contract in place. I would like to know how some of you are protecting yourselves when using the IR. Also how can I construct an effective contract?

Eric Middleton
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NACHI has one for residential, Infraspection Institute has several for commercial-industrial.

You need to get with your insurance provider and your lawyer to deal with your state.

Residential IR contract in
Commercial property IR contract here

Thanks Nick, and David. I’m going to work on this rightaway.


I would advise having something in the infrared agreement to cover the houses that have no heat or A/C needed to obtain optimum delta T.

you can address this by stating:

This is more of an inspection report synopsis rather than a contractual agreement. Contracts should have specifics, not disclaimers or generalized information that may not be pertinent to contract law.

In my opinion, the contract should state the standard by which you are inspecting/investigating. Not that you can’t be held responsible for stuff you can’t find because of weather conditions beyond your control.

Again, your contract should be composed by your attorney.

Dear Eric:

Infraspection Institute offers standard proposal templates for several different types of residential & commercial infrared inspections. Each template provides suggested wording and format for preparing a comprehensive and professional quotation.

Eight templates are currently available covering the following applications: electrical systems, mechanical systems, electro/mechanical systems, building envelopes, insulated roofs, process equipment, steam traps, and underground piping. For each application, our template outlines scope of work, pricing options, client and thermographer responsibilities, additional services, and terms.

All templates are provided in a Microsoft Word file and can be modified to suit the user’s particular needs. Templates may be used as core language for contract documents.

Purchase price includes license for unlimited use of template by the original purchaser. Templates are available individually or as a complete set of eight.

For more information please call 609-239-4788 or visit the Infraspection Online Store.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jim, Bruce & David for your great insights. Now I have something to work with.

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