Thermal Imaging Contract

I’m trying to put together a new contract for Thermal Imaging scans. The one I have is way to wordy and over the top boiler plate legalese. It basically says we don’t really do anything. Anyone out there have something they like they are willing to let me use or adapt to my own environment?


Here’s an addendum to an inspection agreement:


Very nice, thanks for sharing. I am working on a thermal imaging customer release that explains to the customer the benifits of thermal imaging technology.

After the customer reads the benifits thermal imaging can provide them and still decides Not to pay an additional fee for a thermal survey, I am going to have the customer sign the release stating that they have read about the benifits of thermal imaging and have decided not to get a thermal survey and will not hold me liable for anything outside the scope of a visual home inspection.

better, I like that idea better. More positive energy.


I wish you would reconsider sharing your infrared agreement with the public.

This particular agreement should only be made available to iNACHI Members Only.

Requires you to sign-in.

Thank you, Sir.

Thanx for the document…

Just my opinion and way of doing things.

If it is part of a regular inspection, I just use my regular inspection agreement.

If it is not a regular home inspection (as party of an RE transaction, as defined in Illinois), like a consultation or an energy audit, I don’t do a written agreement.

Other state laws may differ in requirements.

Hope this helps;

Done…my mistake. Thanks for the heads up.