Photos For IR Presentations & Web Sites

Some people have been asking me for photos of IR,
so they can do Realtor presentations, build web sites,
or write articles.

Here is a slide show you can use. Enjoy.

Some of these photos are mine or submitted by others over
the coarse of time. If anyone has a complaint, let me know.

If you have a link with some good photos, let me know
and I may update the slide show.

To those who helped with photos already… thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey John,

I want you to take those damn images (that you stole from me) off that slide show immediately. If not, you will be getting a letter from my attorney later on today.

Hey Bud,

Just kidding. The images look good and you can keep them right where they are.


John, just checked out this thread and I want to say thanks.

Thanks John!

John and all who contributed thanks for sharing.