infrared thermographer needed in Virginia

I need an infrared thermographer capable of depressurizing the building with the HVAC or with a blower door (micro manometer needed) in the Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Lynchburg area.

Half of the people in this area listed on find an inspector do not have a website. I called six people and did not get a single answer on the phone.

probably a $500-$600 job.

drop me a message at:

Sent you an email

Thanks Brad. Contractor has a meeting today. Will see how this goes before I bother you… :wink:

Guess they figured something out…

Or they will figure they didn’t on the next cold snap! :wink:

Thanks Brad…

No problem, always happy to help when needed

They usually don’t reply they just leave ya hanging. Just recently bid a big job in Tx 19K and they actually responded with e-mail telling me they had decided on another route. I suspect someone with a low price

Charley, I and another nachi brother bid on it for $20K, then dropped it to $17k as the costumer didnt want certain systems inspected and we got the exact same reply as you. Don’t know “what other route meant”.

At least we were both bidding in the same ball park I guess we are talking about the same one;-)