IR Thermographers needed in the SE

I have a client that has 286 restaurants across the South East that need electrical thermal inspection.

I am looking for trained thermographers with a real thermal camera to work their regional area with me.
You visually do panel inspection, take digital and IR scans with proper Focus, Range, and Distance and take amperage reading on the circuit with an exception and forward them to me. That’s it.

We have a set budget to work with this year. But seeing they had two electrical fires since we started talking at the first of the year, I’m sure they will come around better next year.

I have work in : TN, AL, MS, FL, SC, WV, KY, MO, GA, OH, IN.

Once I see the coverage we have I will propose what the fees will be to fully use up their budget to get a better one next go round. We will only do the buildings this year that can be done with an appropriate fee schedule within their 2020 budget.

Send me a PM if interested and I will see what coverage we can provide.


Good for you, David. :smile:

I hope you and yours are well considering… :pray:

Good gig.

What minimum cert do you want folks to hold?

Hope you are doing well David.

Just what I listed at this point, the ability to take a focused usable scan that can be tuned off site. I will set up the procedure, analyze the scan, calculate the apparent temperature rise and file the report.

Must be able to follow directions basically. Be licensed home inspector (if state requires) with general liability insurance. Need to have some formal training with IR and hands on experience in electrical imaging.

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Doing well Larry.
Kidney transplant went off without a hitch, but got a viral “crud” a week or so ago that dumped me in the emergency room and back in the hospital. Still not over it, but improving. They have me on $300/day meds for the crud. Anti rejection drugs leave me open to issues like this crud, which my dear wife passed off to me. She’s retiring from nursing in a few months so I hope that helps.

Are you fully retired now?

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Yahoo…on the transplant! I’ll keep you in my prayers, my friend. :pray:

Yes, however in the last10 months, or so, I beat cancer, got shingles and still have remnants from that… my rt. foot is still totally numb. And, the big one, my daughter passed away unexpectedly, so we have grand-daughters to get on their feet and into life, now.

It is much different that what I was expecting, retirement-wise, but God willing we will get through it. :smile:

My daughter’s going to Austin Peay so if you ever need help with anything at all, just give a holler. It’ll give me a good excuse to visit her, as well.

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David- Do you do Thermography work?

Gosh Larry! I didn’t pick up on what you were facing. I was on dialysis for the past 14 months and didn’t keep up here. Your presents here helping people out gave the impression your were just slowing down in your years, like many of us “Old Farts”!

Your a good man Larry Kage! My thoughts and daily prayers go out to you and your family. You have a good attitude that will get you through what has and is to come in your life. God’s speed my friend…

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I have a Flir C3 that I got in December but haven’t taken the classes yet.

Sorry David, the C3 does not cut it. Too much liability involved with this job proposal. I can train you, but I can’t make that camera perform. This job is about preventing buildings from burning down from electrical fires (have already had 2 this year). You can’t analyze what you can’t see. Thanks for the reply though.

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Which one would you suggest? I’m not opposed to buying one but I usually don’t buy something until I need it.

I would not invest in a camera which you will likely want to do building inspections with under 320 x 240 res. You’ll just outgrow it.

You can get by with less for electrical inspection, but you limit yourself when you use it for other things. I started with 120 x 120 back in the day, but that was a $7k cam at the time and about all that was available for small inspection work. I quickly went to 320 x 240 then 640 x 480 as they came available and still need more.

Check the used camera market and get more for less.

I really need someone in Alabama. I have the largest population and priory jobs there with only coverage from adjacent states at this point. Not much IR service on the net in Al.

Call me when you get the chance. 423-227-8250.

If you have qualified bodies, but not the equipment, I’d be willing to rent one of them an imager for the project.

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Thanks Chuck! That has come up for some that have responded.

Hi David
I am in South Florida. I have a Flir E6. I have taken and completed the Certified Residential Thermographer class from Monroe Infrared Technology. Not looking to get rich working for you, but you have a lot of knowledge to offer and I wouldn’t let you down. PS. I can follow directions too.
Let me know if I can assist you Sir

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Hi David are you still working on this im central Florida. Im level 1 with a Flir T540.
Give me a ring if I can help. 813-376-3036


Bob, you may be better off calling David:

Best to you!