Infrared Thermography for Inspectors course, course material, exam, certificate: $50.

“This video is intended to give a brief introduction to thermal imaging only,
and more training is required. InterNACHI offers a full 16 hour infrared
certification course at”.

Nice work Ben and Nick. Thanks to Val and Paige as well.

Nick thats good news.
Now I can get my 16 hrs be a nacho certified Thermographer for only 49.00 by just taking this on-line 49.00 course 5 and 1/3 times, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


See post #2. LOL.
You are so predictable…:slight_smile:

See how you are, change the rules midstream, you keep doing the same thing to me, 1st it was a nacho Certified Master Inspector, now this :mad: :mad: :mad: :twisted: :twisted: requirements haven’t changed.

  1. You or your inspection company must own, lease or be renting an infrared camera.

  2. You must be a member in good standing of InterNACHI. Membership requirements are at:

  3. You must have taken InterNACHI’s free, online Green Building Course, taken all its quizzes, and passed its final exam. The Green Building Course is free and open to all at: (10 hours).

  4. You must have taken at least 16 hours (2 days) of continuing education devoted to infrared cameras/thermal imagery or building science (not including the mandatory green building course).
    *]You must sign and return the application/affidavit (below) to InterNACHI.


I am watching your video right now on Thermal Imaging. Very informative material. You have me completely fascinated with this technology. You seem very knowledgable on the subject.

Do you offer that with every inspection? Or do you offer it as an add on? Obviously if it is an add on you will charge more. If you include it you would demand a higher rate for offering this technology with every inspection, right?

How much time does it add to an inspection?


Good questions.

It seems that most inspectors charge approx. 50% extra to do an
infrared scan.

Some do it as a separate ancillary service option and some do it with
every inspection (like I do and the price is already adjusted for it).

It adds a lot of time in the beginning, but after a while it takes about 20-30 min
to do a scan of 2000 sq / ft house (inside only). It can take more time if
you start finding more defects.

Contact me if you need anything.


I am new to the HI field. I have always been all about continuing education. As a manager/leader I made it a point to always try to better myself in my knowledge of product and of the particular industry.

I think that being able to offer this technology as a new inspector will definately help to reduce my liability given the fact I am new and could possibly miss something due to lack of experience. However, I am very detail oriented and like to make sure I am thorough in everything I do.
I’m not a big fan of looking like an idiot!

Would you agree that offering a service like this in my situation would be more beneficial to ME given the lack of inspection experience? I know it would be beneficial to everyone.

I got into this business because I feel it is a great way to help people out. I love real estate, but I really want to make a difference. As I have gotten older this has become more and more important to me. Quality of life is what it is all about. For me and for the customers I will serve.

This technology is not cheap! And just starting out, unfortunately, leaves little budget for that. What would be some options for a tight budget new company that feels this technology is where it’s at?

I did just recieve an e-mail about a new Flir Extech Camera for $2995, by the way. Is that about as low as they come? Seems so. I don’t think it would be smart to purchase a used camera. However, I am nieve about this and maybe it would be my best bet?

Sorry for the book report. Hope I didn’t bore you too much with the needless chatter about ME.

Thanks for your help on this John.


One of the things our NACHI.TV infrared course does is bring the inspector
face to face with the need for a solid foundation in construction knowledge.

Without this, the IR camera can just add to an inspectors liability. If you feel your
background training is solid, then go for it. If not, then it is important to hone
your inspector skills first and the IR camera second.

You are the only one that knows if you feel confident in your level of
education of the building structure and systems. Our course is 16 hours of
intense education with testing at the end of each day and a field report is
due at the end of the course, before a certificate of completion will be issued.

If you think you are ready… the IR camera will pay for itself, with good
marketing and communication skills. You seem to have that going for
you already.

Take your time and think about it. You do not need an IR camera to
take our course.

Thanks for the input John. I definately am going to give this some thought. I have some experience in construction from years back. I am making every effort to farmiliarize myself again with alot of things.

It definately won’t hurt to make sure I am even more competent then I feel I am now. No need to rush into it. Gone are the days of “Ready, Fire, Aim”.

I will take your advise and continue to educate myself more.

I look forward to hopefully getting to meet all you great people in the future. For now I will concentrate on my continuing education and the continuing education of the inspectors here in Iowa through the new Iowa Chapter of InterNACHI.

Thanks again for your help and your insight.

Good for you… Your local chapter can be a real source of information
and encouragement. Good luck my friend.

Scott - I find John’s 20-30 minutes extra to be about right, UNLESS the client wants a written report (including IR pictures) of any discovery. I find that seldom does the client want a verbal, “this window,” “that door,” and “oh, look, Baby Goo-goo’s bedroom ceiling has no insulation and a little, teensie roof leak into the corner. I think that spot might just encourage an opportunity for the amplification of molds…”

The number of IR situations/photos encountered can add a minute or two to the reporting process…

You are right, though - it is a super service to be able to offer. And, um, listing agents might not like you, that is until they call you back in a week to help THEIR client on their next sale…

FYI - I bought my camera 2 years ago (RAZ-IR) and implemented the aggressive Markanich Marketing Plan. It paid for itself in a couple of months.