Inquiry of Apprenticeship

While I’m well aware this is rather unorthodox and probably far fetched.

I’m reaching out to see if any local companies offer apprenticeships that are worth it. I have 5 years experience between maintenance work and residential remodeling. I am highly self motivated, self managed, organized, and ready to learn. I mean, I currently look up everything I currently do daily.

I’m looking for a long term team. Not a check, not a temporary stepping stone position. But a career. Something my wife and I can sustain a family with.

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Welcome back and good luck!


Thanks a ton! I was severely mislead by a few locals out here. Wish I wouldn’t have allowed that. Now I’m back to square one and it’s going to be an eager climb from here. How have you been?

Wow, sorry to hear that! We are definitely in uncharted waters when it comes to market conditions which I know are compounding your situation.

I have no reason to complain though I do anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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True and fair. Haha.

Things will always get better. Well, hopefully. Eventually… RIGHT? Lol

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You can certainly learn something from anyone and apprenticing under a successful inspector might help you learn about running an inspection business. That said, it’s a horribly inefficient way to learn the technical side. You could potentially go out with an inspector for months and see the same old 25 defects over and over and over. Better off to do week at the House of Horrors where you’ll be exposed to 150 years of inspection defects in 5 days.



I’m too far away to offer a job, but if you want some free experience and guidance, to supercharge the trajectory of your own business, I mentor new inspectors from areas all around and beyond TN from Knoxville if you are willing to make the drive.

Or I can hook you up with some past students of mine from the Nashville (Clarksville) area.

Bert Hull


Once I’m certified, I definitely would like to go there. I’ve seen many videos and it’s beyond informative.

I’ll shoot you a text! Thank you!

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Read Nick Gromicko’ s post.
Better off to do week at the House of Horrors where you’ll be exposed to 150 years of inspection defects in 5 days. Highly recommend.

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I did and plan to do the Florida visit for this some time down the road. Currently unable to do so with my current employment.

It looks like you are in Clarksville TN, so just a little north of Nashville. If you want someone to take you on in their business, the first thing you should do is to obtain your license in TN. Living in Clarksville you might also consider a KY license, many inspectors in the area also work in KY. This would make you more appealing to a company looking at bringing on another person. In the Nashville area we have a few smaller multi-inspecotor firms that seems always be looking for new licensed inspectors.


If I were you I would take Bert up on his offer. You can’t ask for a better mentor