Knoxville newbie seeking advice/ mentor

Hello I am currently about half way through the 90 hrs needed to obtain my TN License. I would like to know how other new home inspectors got started working in the field? I feel like I need to get some hands on experience before marketing myself. If there are any inspectors near the Knoxville Tn area I would love to talk to you or even go out on some inspections, if at all possible, or get some feedback as to what all the other beginners did on day one of this new career. Thank You!


Hello Ashley. Welcome to our forum where there are no stupid questions. Enjoy!

Sorry I can’t help you with the mentoring, I have enough right now, but you may want to see if there is a chapter near you and go.

Also, check out to see if you can find a CMI to contact and visit with:

Thank you for your reply, I will look into finding a CMI to contact.
Also just a crazy question, but would it be considered rude or inappropriate to just look up other home inspectors in my area and call them to ask about being a mentor or helping me gain some experience?

No, but you may want to contact them 40 to 50 miles away because some feel like they are training their competition…Oh, well…

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Gotcha, makes sense. Thats why I had to ask!

Hi Ashley. I am also a newbie in TN (Memphis area). I have completed pre-licensing coursework, and I just scheduled myself to take the exam on Mar 11th. Yay!! I am an accountant, and I have been doing all of the paperwork for my husband’s small business for the past 3 1/2 years. He is a contractor, and he does maintenance and repairs for property management customers on residential houses. Since I have to provide before, during, and after repair pictures with every invoice I submit, I have gained a lot of experience with all of the defects that can occur in houses. I decided to become a home inspector to put that experience to good use, plus I wanted a reason to get out in the field… not stuck behind the computer all of the time. :wink: I am getting out in the field more now as I am studying to help my husband inspect jobs to bid repairs, and it really helps all of the studying click seeing it in person. So, my piece of advice would be to tap any friends or family you might have in the construction trades and see if can tag along sometime. They can be great resources. Good luck!

Love seeing all the women joining this profession! I passed my NHIE’s test and now I’m working on my software template. Word of advice - take your time finding the right software that suits your needs and how you want to work. Good luck, girls!


I agree Alexandra. I always thought women would do well in this profession. IMO women have a great eye for detail, a good trait for an HI.
Good Luck

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Thats great! Good luck on the exam please let me know how it goes, as I plan to be doing the same in the next month or so. :blush:

Yes I think women have an extra quality to bring to the table! :+1:

I really appreciate the positive feedback! Thank you !

Yup,good for us all! :smile:

Congrats, Alex!.. :smile:

I’m in West Knoxville TN. I’ll take you on some inspections and show you what its all about.



Wonderful! That would be outstanding.

That is why my wife choose me! :smiley:


Nice try Burt :wink:

Hi, Ashley. Welcome to the forum. I recommend a few resources to help you build a community of inspectors and advisors: InterNACHI Member Chapters, and InterNACHI Mentors, and find an inspector just outside of your market area using

Then, I advise doing a few more tasks. Introducing yourself to every neighbor within walking distance, telling them what you do, and that you’ll perform a free home inspection on their house and their friends’ houses. Free. That trick does two things: secures your neighborhood as your market area with unpaid ambassadors, and gets you the experience you need without any risk.

Take full advantage of following along with master inspectors who are instructors. At night, study by watching some master Certified Professional Inspectors® perform inspections according to the Standards of Practice (such as this playlist or this playlist), then the next morning perform an inspection on your own for your neighbor. Then that night, do it again. After the 10th free home inspection, you’ll realize that you have to do inspections in order to get really good at them.

Hope that helps.


Great advice thank you for taking the time to respond and I will be doing all of the homework you have suggested!

I’m glad you mentioned free inspections. As a new guy that was one of the first things I thought about. Good way to get some experience.

We will start with a 98 year old 5 br 2 ba bungalow with a crawl space located just outside downtown in 37912 on Saturday 9:am. Listed at $82/ft² it is sure to have all kinds of issues for us to find and discuss. A great teaching opportunity.
Hands on experience will help you when it comes time to take the Home inspectors exam for your license.