I'm new to the industry

My name is Josh and I just started this program. I worked as a maintence manager for the last year and have quite a bit of expierence with home inspection. Obviously not as extensive as the professionals but enough knowledge to get started easily. My question to any of you out there is I found this ad on Craigslist hiring home inspectors. The name of the company is call United home inspectors. Long story short they hired me and paid for me to take this training course. Is that a pretty usuall deal? Is there a catch? I just want to make sure I’m not getting into something that it’s not cracked up to be. My mentor and the company seems to check out but to get free paid training seems unreal especially because I only talk to the guy over the phone. Btw I’m in Iowa and I guess you don’t actually need a license to do inspections?

Wow. Cool.

There is so much to learn in the courses, and nachi always has you covered. Have a question or run into an issue? It’s answered super quick. While not every state has licensing standards, this group has professional international standards. When I first started I thought it was too good to be true too. I had taken a huge course and training through Ashworth College and when I got here I realized how lacking that education was. I wish I had known about internachi from the start. Good luck man.

So far I’m very satisfied with the education it’s a lot tougher than I thought but that’s a good thing at least I will have a stronger understanding and be able to answer clients questions better. Obviously expierence is key but I will build myself up there with time. My main concern like I said earier is the fact that a company decided to give me this opertunity and pay for all my courses seems unreal. Don’t get me wrong I’m very thankful just kind of skeptical at first but than again why would they go through all the trouble to train me.

Perhaps because they actually care about the quality of their inspectors (being knowledgeable and competent). Not everyone on Craigslist are lying scumbag thieves, murderers and rapists!

Lol yeah your right there, they seem super nice and very supportive!

Or is this perhaps an advertisement for that company?

Did you sign a non-compete clause?

“Long story short they hired me and paid for me to take this training course. Is that a pretty usual deal? Is there a catch?”
I don’t know about a catch, but paying for training is what all good companies do, so that’s a good sign. Googling the company it looks as if they might be a franchise or something like a franchise, whatever, the internachi training is the best so take it and see what happens next. Read any agreements you have to sign carefully and get advice if you don’t understand something they want you to agree to.

There are no contracts I have to sign and I quit working when ever I want

Check out www.nachi.org/iowa

I too like internachi courses, learn alot