Inside a bathroom in a Condo, what is this?

Doing my first condo inspection, looking through the pictures saw this system inside the bathroom. Unit has gas furnace and water heater, not sure what this would be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What did the tags say?
I loose detail when zooming in.

Scott, cant see the tag unfortunately.

It looks to be closed via screws, doesn’t seem to open and close freely.

I saw some other unit listings in this apartment building with the same thing in the same location.

Could it be a tankless water heater? Even though you say there was a water heater, they can be installed together

This was my first guess, the apartment being 600sqft and having a 40-gallon tank I don’t know why they would have one.

When you do the inspection look at the data plate and get Model & serial numbers and any other info on that tag then do a google search… You should have your answer! If not follow up on this post with what you found.


I found this image with Google Lens. Zoom in to find the model#.


@rbleich has it

It is a thru wall split condensing unit.


I do not think so. Plumbing on outside walls prohibited in cold climates.
It looks like an abandoned system. No dials on the cabinet.

Wow, awesome.

Thank you!

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Don’t just look, TAKE PHOTOS of all data plates… every inspection… every appliance!
Also… since you have us hanging on the answer, post the info whatever it is. Don’t just get the answer and forget about us! At some point others may have the same question, and this is how you can give back to the MB for the help you receive.


From here it looks an air handler, possible heat source for the bathroom?

Whatever it is, that’s a strange place to install it.

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I know that this is a very old thread but the model# says it is this.


So… did you confirm what this item was?