Video, senior couple got BS'd, had an interior system installed

And so Bubbamilk asks yetttttttttttt again, did the interior basement system STOP the water from where it was coming in? Umm, no.

Short video
Geez man, I just gotta ‘do’ sumtin wiff the top of my melon
(maybe plant sum seeds huh)

They had mold, efflorescence on walls.

First part of video, see where the floor was cut/broke up and replaced and see the white bulllshttt along bottom blocks… huh? That’s an interior terd-ball system.

They spent $$$$$ on… what?

1:00 ---- 2:20 mark, Seller or interior system company patched and then painted over most of the cracks in the wall that were visible = F R A U D!

3:00 'till duh end… Eyeball if you please the exterior corner crack and, the horizontal crack.

There WAS visible evidence of these cracks on the inside. And as I friggin said, someone patched and painted over a lot of that.

Do you see the corner crack and horizontal crack on the outside?
Huh? looolllooollllll
ALL the exterior cracks have been LONG BEFORE the interior system was installed… jesus man, ignorant, incompetent, fraudulent inside system mfrs!

3:45 ish… Another IMPORTANT friggin POINT is, the basement wall is BOWED IN, uh huh.
BUTT, many try and tell homeowners that when they get a crack like duh one at-near the corner that the house is SETTLING and must have piers etc installed, nonsense!!!

Looking at one this AM , they already got a price 14.000 to put a system in ( on the inside ) lol

Mr. Wilson, yep, and the hits just keep on coming. Homeowners need to wake the hll up.

Here is another short video, SAME HOUSE… shows the exterior cracks and other exterior openings (under basement window etc)

1:00… scraper in hairline horizontal crack…
Please see the exterior corner crack and a thin horizontal crack down LOW.
And if you look at the FIRST video Bubba posted, and the first part of it when we are in the basement (back corner, same corner as shown here), on the inside you DON’T see a corner crack NOR a horizontal crack. not on the inside.

BUTT, there as shttttt EXIST on the outside, ya feel me??? loool

That’s VERY important POINT. Just because one may not see any crack on the inside of a block or brick basement wall does not EVER mean there isn’t 1+ EXTERIOR cracks, which… is why most dumb azz basements leak!

2:50… yeah someone did a little exterior waterproofing on the one corner BUTT, that really is not ‘waterproofing’, no. NOT when you don’t use hydraulic cement and thick mastic and backfill w/all gravel, no.
…they backfilled with ALL clay, yep (2:50)

3:40 ish, someone raised and sloped the grade (they did that on the back wall as well) and they poured some concrete under raised grade and they put some white bulllshttt fabric underground that, looool … apparently they thought all this CRAP would solve their leaky basement. Lots O luck baby!

It seems no matter what you recommend these guys come along with the life time warranty . I try to explain it is a bandage then ask how the grand canyon was formed lol . They just do not understand repairs need to be done on the outside . I may start directing to your videos

If so, loool, try and explain to them that some of Uncle Bubba’s videos are…
R----rated (I enjoy the use of some 4 LETTA words), not x-rated, least not yet. Got milk?

SAME house, this was day 1… about to saw cut concrete apron in order TA hand dig… R- rated, “how’s everybody doing huh? Scratchin yer nuts, havin a good day?”

One last video from same house, the front corner where the inside system was installed, mold etc etc. There’s also plastic against basement wall, geezzzzus, don’t DO that!!!

Home inspectors should NOT recommend interior basement systems and sump pumps and should not recommend raising and sloping the grade (to supposedly stop a leaky basement, please!) when they see cracks in block or brick wall.They should be recommending that the exterior of the wall be waterproofed and backfilled correctly… do a water test the right way and long enough and IT will tell you if there is 1+ exterior crack below grade, water doesn’t lie, people lie!