When basement waterproofing goes wrong, and wrong AGAIN! lol

Idiotzz. This short video is by an interior basement system company.
:05… They say, “This basement was waterproofed by a company called B Dry…”

He goes on to say they put plastic against bottom blocks and water can’t get out the weep holes (he incompetently thinks THAT is part of the problem)

“All the walls were filling up with water”
Duuuuh, that’s because water was/still is getting into the wall and blocks through EXTERIOR cracks/openings!!!

Then he adds the pipe system, box trench B Dry installed had no fabric around it and little stone and he says it’s garbage and B Dry wouldn’t come back and fix it. looolllllllllll

He then says they will rip out the entire system and install THEIR Bulshttt inside system, LOLOLLLLLLLOLL

This happens all the time. One inside system goes and installs their shttt, the homeowners continues to leak and-or get more mold or efflorescence or have 1+ cracks widening and the first company doesn’t come back or fix the actual problems(outside) and so the homeowner calls ANOTHER bubblehead inside system company who installs their shtt

That fkkkkg basement leaks, has mold etc because… there ARE exterior cracks/other exterior openings that allow water to get into the blocks/wall!!! You idiotssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
The homeowner has been PENETRATED twice!

All these terds tell people/advertise how good they are, how trusting they are, how experienced they are and a bunch of other shttt

SAME thing here, interior basement system previously installed and…IN goes ANOTHER!@##@! loollll
1:40… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSrdJjlQopA
“The wall is moving… (has efflorescence etc), the water isn’t getting into whatever kind of system they put in”

And some think i am or sound, arrogant, llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Hey, another fk up interior bubblehead. Lateral pressure/weight/soil/water etc is on… the OUTSIDE of the wall!!!
Installing ANY kind of interior system will NOT remove, reduce,relieve that weight, pressure etc OFF the outside of the fkkkkkg wall man!!! Dammmmmmmmmmmm

At 8:40 of this stinky azz incompetent video, listen to what the dumb mfr says…
“What we’re doing is a pressure relief system, get the water in, no pressure” hahahhahahahahhaaaaaa
That’s one of the dumbest most incompetent false claims ever!!!

Go back people, go back and read the Donan engineering link, the Dwight yoder builders link, the Fairfax couny VA link, the J McEwen link etc…and for God sake, THINK!! looooolllllllllllllll
Think of what THEY all tell you to do, tell you what needs to be done VERSUS what the incompetent inside system BUTT-CRACKS say!

An interior system and 3 sump pumps were installed here, wall has since bowed in… duh, whyyyyy?
short video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4Vm3vdbF-Y

Basement waterproofing, really? Not quite.

He says, 'my friend Ryan is doing it…later he says Ryan knows what he’s doing and that he is a professional" loooooooooooooololllllllllllllllllll

:20 ‘Here’s why it costs so much…they have to dig all this out’
Dig all what out, the LITTLE bit on the inside, compared to 6’ deep on the outside! Weak, sorry azz bs.

:40 nice crack that he says they’ll patch w/hydraulic cement on duh inside. “He’s a PROFESSIONAL to say the least” lolllllllllllllllll
Duh! THAT crack, and other exterior cracks will still be umm, OPEN!!!
That basement will still leak, get MORE efflorescence and mold because you chumps don’t STOP the water from where it’s entering.

LOOK at the walls, efflorescence etc

1:20 looolll ‘strip drain’, and beer bottles.

2:55 He says, ‘the walls look kind of nasty…’ They’ll put plastic etc all the way up.

And all THAT will do is hide/conceal more mold, efflorescence, cracks widening, water

His next video,Basement waterproofing part 5

Yep, they can mask/conceal mold,efflorescence, cracks with bright wall etc etc

Bottom line, just another basement that has not been ‘waterproofed’ and there will be further problems and costs at this friggin house.
If/when the house is sold, Mr or Mrs home inspector will not be able to help the BUYER as azz wipes like these chumps HIDE/CONCEAL the actual condition of the foundation walls!!!

Here’s some more dumb shttt, Basement waterproofing and insulation… the PROPER way to seal a basement… DRYLOK, loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

And here, next video, we have one of Marcel’s favorite’s…Timmy Carter aka , ask duh builder, another terd in the great state of Ohio.
Timmy’s video is, ‘How a linear french drain works’… err um, supposedly works.

Eh Tim-Tim, i’ll give you THIS much, exterior drainage along a wall or house etc can take/keep ‘SOME’ water…away, not all, some.

loool 'Look at that! See duh water coming outta duh pipe?

Just had rain a day ago plus, snow melting plus, he’s in a low sport/area, looks like hills in the back so, OF COURSE any water that is in the soil in the hills or elevated areas around the house will works in way to duh low sports, so will snow that’s melting or friggin rain.

The perforated pipe is fine, try it, do what ya like.

BUTT, not all of the water, gets into the perforated piping hence, many others will still leak.
1:30… water coming outta duh pipe…question fer ya Timmy,
where the hll do you think THAT water goes? Where can that water go that’s coming out of duh pipe?
Duh, some of it can move through the soil, UNDEGROUND, in all directions including possibly back towards the house/basement wall. That’s why it’s best to find/determine HOW–where the stupid water actually gets IN basements and then fix those problems correctly. A linear French drain does NOT do–that!!

Photos, did any of these drain tiles outside along the walls keep water out of the basements? No.
Did the drain tiles repair/waterproof the actual-existing-problems which were why n where the water entered? No.
Did they divert ‘some’ water away, for awhile? Yep.

How about here? No. Had to remove some of the pipe in order to hand dig the biiitch/waterproof

Same type of crap here, drain tile/crock… did it fix the dang problems? Nope.

Can’t I just spray one of those cans of Kilz around?
Pretty good stuff!

Sure lol , here you go http://decorhacks.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/kilz-primer-natty-by-design.jpg