Inspect home for my daughter

James, seriously, I want to help you… send me a PM or email at . :slight_smile:

Usually the laws pertain to “fee paid” inspections. I assume you would not charge her. It might be fun to find the worst inspector possible though and follow him around saying “did you catch this?” “how about this?”

By the way. We have such good looking cows out here that it’s our bulls who are really happy. Was that a sick “cattle” joke?

Is there a law, up there in norski land, stating that you have to have a home inspection?
Mister seller my daddy would like to come with me to look at the house is that ok? Sure just don’t bring some deal killer home inspector by later.:smiley: O no I will just go with my dads judgement, thank you:D:D:D:D:D

If I had kids I would inspect all their homes no charge no report. Realtors beware.

Not sure why you wouldnt inspect the house for her…Is she gonna sue you down the road??? If you think she will just hire someone local and then review the report with her. After you do your own inspection of course. Not sure I get the question. If 1 of my sons ask me to do an inspection of a house they are about to buy I would certainly do it. Ive done this twice for nieces. No Charge. Oh sorry I did have them cook dinner so I did get something.

I just saw a news clip that says the CA dairy farmers are taking some of their milk cows to slaughter to sell the meat because of the crunch they are under in the dairy market. This economy just keeps getting better and better. I doubt those cows are too happy.

If it were me, you couldn’t stop me from inspecting my daughters home purchase. There may be laws or other concessions that could stop me from preparing the report, in which case I would hire another inspector to prepare a report.

Me too. I’d be sure it was a fellow NACHI member, and I’d talk to him before hand, and make sure he was “agreeable” to my “assistance” with the inspection.