Illinois / Wisconsin Border hopping??

Any Illinois licensed inspectors ever cross the border into Wisconsin to do an occassional inspection (without a Wisconsin Inspection License)? I have tried getting an honest answer from folks there, but so far I am under the assumption that as long as it is “very occassional” no one is going to complain about it. Any thoughts? I get about three or four Wisconsin requests a year…if I got more, I would certainly consider getting licensed there. So far I have never crossed the line…

This request was from a previous client, which is why I am inquiring!

Curious if anyone has any input here.



I hold licenses in both IL and WI, yet I have not done any inspections in Wisconsin to date. One reason is the fact I am at least 45 miles from the closest part of the border. The main reason is the fact that I haven’t yet set up my business to ensure that I am following all of the Wisconsin statutes.

Currently, Illinois keeps me busy enough.

Interesting topic, though?

Any other opinions out there?

If the state of Wisconsin requires a license to practice our profession, I’d think real hard about practicing there as an unlicensed inspector. If you can’t get a WRITTEN answer from a/the RESPONSIBLE PARTY at the appropriate Wisconsin licensing authority, why would you even CONSIDER practicing there without a license?

1.) Leaves you open to civil and possibly criminal sanction(s)
2.) Takes work away from (presumably) qualified men and women who have met whatever licensing requirements Wisonsin has legislated. Think of it this way…if a bunch of Wisconsin-qualified cheeseheads started busting into Grayslake to inspect without the benefit of having obtained an Illinois license, would you be o.k. with the fact that they only did it casually, on a “once-in-a-while” basis??
3.) Breaking the law “very occasionally” is like being a little bit pregnant.

Ya wanna work in Wisconsin? You’re in Grayslake…not too far away. Meet their requirements, obtain a license, market market market and practice as you please! Best luck with whatever you decide to do.


Not trying to be a jerk here. Really.

But you realize that if you do a inspection in Wisconsin without a Wisconsin license that you would be liable for dismissal from NACHI. NACHI requires members to comply with all state laws.

You would also be liable to loose your Illinois license, permenantly.

Do you really want to take that risk?

John I live up near Fox Lake about 2 miles from the border. Had 3 calls in the past 5 months for Wisconsin inspection and have turned them down. I posted something either here or on another BB concerning licensing in Wi. After looking at it didn’t pursue it because Wi requires you to take the natioal examie again in their state and pass there state laws portion as well. For the few times I would go up there I didn’t want to commit to time and cost.
There is no agreement between the two state which is why you must take the examine a second time. I agree with the others, its not worth risking your license to inspect there if your licensed. Just my opinion.

I appreciate all of your input. As I indicated earlier…I have had some requests in the past to do Wisc. inspections and have always turned them down. I was just curious if any Illinois inspectors had ever “bent the rules” on occassion. The only reason I was considering it was because it would be for a previous client who has been rather good to me over the last couple years.

Guess I will pass on this one again. Don’t want to risk it.

Now…who out there is a Wisc. licensed NACHI inspector and would like a referral? :smiley:

Thanks again for your responses!

I’ve talked with a guy in Wi by the name of David Nice who is near Milwaukee you might try reaching him. I know he’s a Nachi Memeber, look him up…

On this point;

I have done an inspection in Indiana, where I am not licensed, for my Niece and her husband. Talked with my lawyer and he said that I could if I did not (in any way) receive a fee for it. The funny thing, though is that Indiana Realtors and Lawyers and mortgage companies and all will accept the validity of the report, just that I can’t charge for it.

One more fly in the ointment, I guess.

Dunno …I grew up in Milwaukee and used to drive to the Illinois border to drink.
Does that count?:shock:

We use to do the reverse we drive into WI because their drinking age was lower. :smiley:

Imagine if you will, 1000’s of 18-19 year old Navy recruits heading for the border each and every weekend to partake of malt beverages in the land of cheese!

Not that I ever did that…I could never condone that kind of behavior! :cool:

Didn’t this start out as a “home inspection” thread…how on earth did it reach this low point?

I just turned down two HI’s last week right across the MN/WI border last week as I am not licensed in WI will be soon though, missing a good share of the market here.

It alwats seems to go right to the margaritas so I thought beer would be appropiate for this thread:twisted:

I grew up in Waukegan and yep we used to take the drive to the border. Can’t remember the place (Ralph’s or something like that) but it was like 100’ in WI. With the boarcer so close it would make sense to possibly be certified in both states. I would very leery of doing an inspection without the proper certification, I also think it might invalidate your insurance coverage.

Several Inspectors I know in SE Missouri or SW Kansas are within 10 miles of the Arkansas or Oklahoma Borders AND regularly do inspections in each of the 4 states they border on. Two of those states have licensing laws - none of the guys are licensed. They indicate they’ve never had the question raised.