Inspect home for my daughter

I’m a Wisconsin licensed inspector. My daughter is purchasing a home in Minnesota. Is there any reason I could not inspect her house?

Depends… what city/town will she be purchasing in?

I guess if you were a crummy dad you wouldn’t want to… :mrgreen:

Why Jeff?

Of course if it’s South of the Twin cities he should have Jeff inspect it.

If if it’s in the East Metro I should do it. :wink:

Sooo, It’s true, every forum has a comedian. I understand that Wisconsin inspectors are the cream of the crop.

That’s what I heard too:cool:

Jeff, Don’t worry it is hundreds of miles from your home base.

Although Minnesota does not require a license, many cities I have run across, are now requiring a business license if primary area served, or, a transient (business) license/permit if not normally served. (And yes, in my small world, the competition is so fierce, that old timers are ratting out the newbies and fly-by-niters). I also believe that the Twin Cities have required licenses for certain types of inspections. I assume you know more about that, as you probably serve the cities, where I normally do not. Thus my reply, as he may need a transient license/permit, if in one of those cities/towns.

Sounds good to me… ;):smiley:

Yes, several communities require separate licenses for Truth in Housing Inspections which is the responsibility of the seller for disclosure to the buyer.

I do not offer this service.

Why does creamed corn come to mind??? :p:D

What, me worry? :mrgreen:

I drive state wide for inspections… I’ve done many inspections in the backyards of fellow Nachi members 100+ miles away. :cool:

Business is business! :smiley:

Funny thing though… I don’t recall ever doing an inspection in Minneapolis/St. Paul ***proper ***city limits. I’m West and North quite often.

Come on Jeff, Wisconsin is the dairy state so of course it’s cream that rises to the top.:wink:

Due to it’s high fat content :mrgreen::p:twisted::smiley:

Besides, everyone knows that it’s California that has the “Happy Cows” :p:D

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Well it is somewhat more legal there now.

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