Commercial inspections in Wisconsin

I have been asked to inspect a 3 unit building that is for offices only. The property is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am from Illinois and do not know if I can legally inspect commercial property there.

I have called the Wisconsin regulation department, but they said I have the wrong dept. It’s the old run around, at least until I figure out who to call.

Can anyone tell if I can inspect this 3 office building?

Sam Ziedman

Are you licensed to do business in WI? You may want to find that out first, if you have to be licensed in Cheeseland.

Yes, you do need to be licensed to inspect in WI.

What license would that be?

Residential vs Commercial, Mike?

Home Inspector

A home inspector is an individual who, for compensation, examines the observable systems and components of improvements to residential real property that are readily accessible.
No individual may act as a home inspector, use the title “home inspector”, use any title or description that implies that he or she is a home inspector or represent himself or herself to be a home inspector unless the individual is registered under Chapter 440, Subchapter X, Wis. Stats.

This registration does not apply to any of the following situations.

  1. An individual who conducts a home inspection while lawfully practicing within the scope of a license, permit or certificate granted to that individual by a state governmental agency.

  2. An individual who constructs, repairs or maintains improvements to residential real property, if the individual conducts home inspections only as part of his or her business of constructing, repairing or maintaining improvements to real property and if the individual does not describe himself or herself as a registered home inspector or convey the impression that he or she is a registered home inspector.

  3. An individual who conducts home inspections in the normal course of his or her employment as an employee of a federal, state or local governmental agency.

The terms “act as a home inspector” and “provide home inspection services” do not include individuals or business entities who inspect the energy-related components of a dwelling unit in order to assess or rate a home’s energy performance, provided that the inspection is performed solely for this purpose and the individual or business entity is not described as a home inspector or does not convey the impression of being a home inspector.

I know of no place in N. America that licenses commercial property inspectors.

Isn’t a 3 unit building considered residential?

Like Nick said, there is nowhere in the US that I am aware of that requires a special license to inspect commercial properties. You may need a state or local merchantile license in order to conduct business there though. Best thing to do is call up the municipality where the property is located and ask them if there is anything special you would need from them.

That’s my point Larry. The WI HI license has nothing to do with structures beyond 4 living units. :slight_smile:

That’s what I thought…thanks :slight_smile: